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Secure Share

The Secure Share service has been designed as a secure and easy-to-use alternative to file exchange methods such as printing and email for sharing documents with sensitive information across campus.

Secure Share should not be used as a document storage mechanism, but rather as a vehicle for sending documents with sensitive or confidential information to targeted recipients at Penn. Recipients will be notified via email that a file is being shared with them. They will be provided with the URL for the Secure Share site where they can authenticate using their PennKey and PennKey Password to retrieve files. 


Here are instructions for using Secure Share to send sensitive files or information to another member of the Penn community.

1. Go to the Secure Share website at and login with your PennKey. The website will automatically redirect you to its “Share information securely” form.

2. The top of the form lets you identify the recipients to whom you are directing your message. Fill in one or more of the search criteria blanks in the box at the top and then press the “Find” button.

SecureShare search

3. The tool will list people who meet your criteria, as shown below. Click the “Add” button next to one of the people to identify that person as a recipient.

  Search results


4. The person you added will appear in the “Recipients” area. You can add other recipients by repeating this process.


Added Recipient


5.The next area in the form is the Subject Line area. The Subject blank will show up in the subject line of the notification email that your recipient will receive. It should summarize your message, but not contain any sensitive information. The Subject Line is required.

[The "Subject Line" area is next.]

If you wish to add a message that does not need to be secured, click the “Add Notes” button and provide a note in the blank that appears. This Notes field will be shown to recipients when they log in to access the sensitive information that you’re sending.

6. The next area is for your secured, sensitive information.

Secure Information


Use the Encrypted Message field to type in any sensitive information you need to communicate securely. You can use this field as an alternative to sending a file with the sensitive information you want to share. This message will appear as a text file that the recipient will need to download; it does not appear in the notification email sent to your recipient.

If you wish to share a file, click the “Browse…” button to bring up the File Upload window.

7. Here you can choose the file you’d like to share.  Select your file and click “Open”.

File Upload


You’ll be taken back to the previous page where you need to click the “Upload” button.
Note: the maximum file size is 100MB.

8. The file will take time to upload, and once that is complete, you will see it listed.  To share more files, repeat the process of browsing and uploading. If you accidentally upload the wrong file, click “(Remove)” next to that file, and it will be deleted from the list.

Send Message


9. Once you are finished, click the blue “Send Message” button at the bottom of the form.

10. You will then see a Success notification at the top of the page. Your recipients will be notified soon.





 For more information on Secure Share, you can review the FAQ on the Secure Share web page.

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