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Teaching Assistants: supporting remote/hybrid classes 


Access to Canvas and Zoom

Teaching assistants should be listed as a TA in Canvas. If you are not, please have the instructor email registrar’s office ( or ITS (

Training and Support Documents

Recording of training presentation:

Please browse the support documents lists on our Remote Teaching page:

Some highlights (also linked from the above page):

Accessing the course Zoom call

TAs should use the “Instructor Zoom Course” link in Canvas. This link will sign you into the Zoom call as the Host or Co-Host.

Host vs. Co-Host

Because all Instructors and TAs use the “instructor Zoom Course” link, please be aware that Zoom calls can only have 1 (and only 1) Host. The first person to click the Instructor link will start the Zoom as the Host. Every subsequent person to click the Instructor link will connect to the Zoom call as the Co-Host.

The Host (and only the Host) can start, manage and end breakout rooms. If you are using Breakout Rooms, the host must make you the Host.

See here for complete differences between Host and Co-Host:

Assigning Host role to a different person

To make someone else on the call a Host, click on the “More” button over their name in the “Participants” tab. Click “Make Host”

zoom change host

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