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Student and Guest Presentations

Invite a guest lecturer to your Course Zoom call. Any person within or outside of Penn Carey Law can be invited to your course Zoom call. 

Note: The connection information for your Course Zoom will change one time during the semester, approximately mid-way through the semester. ITS will communicate this change with an email announcement with the date of that change. If you guest will connect after the change, please wait to send them the connection information.

To invite guest speakers to join a Zoom class:

Option 1: Send your Zoom link early

1. Navigate to your course Canvas page.

2. Click on “Student Zoom Course”

Student Zoom course Canvas tab









3. Select and Copy the URL listed in your Browser. This URL is your course call link for students. You can send this to your guests to join your class remotely. Please note that they will connect to the call as a Guest, and will go directly into the Waiting Room in Zoom. The Host or Co-Host must admit them from the Waiting Room.

Zoom link in browser









Option 2: Send your Zoom link once the call starts

Navigate to your Course Zoom call on Canvas and connect to the call. This can be done at any time.

1. Click on “Participants”


2. Click “Invite”

zoom invite

3. Click “Copy Invitation.” Then paste meeting details into an email.

zoom copy invite

  • Or click on “Email” and then “Default Email.” This will open your default email client with a new message that contains the connection details.
    • zoom invite screen


Participant Screen Sharing

By default, students and guests do not have the ability to share their screen. This is a security feature designed to mitigate the effects of Zoombombing, where an aggressive intruder takes over the screen.

There are two ways to grant students and guests the ability to share screen.

Option 1: Make your guest/students a Co-Host:

Making your guest a Co-Host will give them similar ability as the Host, including the ability to control breakout rooms, share their screen, and configure security options.

  • Click on “Participants”
    • zoom participants
  • Hover over the participants name and click “More.” Then click “Make Co-Host.”
    • zoom make co-host
  • When student finishes their presentation, follow the same steps above and select “Withdraw Co-Host Permission.” As long as the student remains a co-host, they will not be able to use other features like the “Raise Hand” function.
Option 2: Turn screen sharing on for all participants:

Click on “Security” and select “Allow participants to: Share Screen”

zoom participants share screen

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