Sample Remote Class Norms


Faculty teaching remotely may want to consider including a set of “remote class norms” in their syllabus to lay a foundation for classroom engagement via Zoom. Here is an example, which can be revised to suit individual faculty preferences:

  • One of the goals of this course is to allow you to engage with me and with each other. To facilitate that connection, please sign in with your video turned on, unless there is a good reason you cannot do so. Please also sign in with your complete first and last name so that we can all identify each other.


  • Along the same lines, I expect that you will attend and participate in each class session. Of course, I understand that internet connectivity and other technology issues occur and can interfere with remote classes. If you are unable to connect or if your connection fails during class, please email me to let me know. All class sessions will be recorded and posted to Canvas so that you can re-review the discussion or catch up on anything you have missed.


  • Active discussion is an important part of the learning process in this class, and I hope you will join in all of our conversations. Unstructured conversations on Zoom can lead to cross-talk and confusion, however. To ensure an orderly conversation, I propose the following:
    • Your microphone should be muted automatically on entry into the class. Please keep your microphone muted until it is your turn to speak.
    • If you’d like to participate in the discussion or ask a question, “raise” your electronic “hand” in Zoom. I will be monitoring raised hands and will call on you.
    • I’ll also pause our discussion periodically to ask for questions.


  • To stay focused on our discussion, I will not be monitoring the “chat” feature in Zoom during class. Please refrain from using the chat to communicate with me or with each other. [NOTE: if your preference is to use the chat rather than “raised hands” for questions, revise points 3 & 4 accordingly.]


  • Please make every effort to keep your email and other online distractions closed during class sessions, just as you would in a physical classroom.

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