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Recording Policies and Procedures

This document has been updated for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

For Academic Year 2023-2024, all classes are scheduled to be recorded. Instructors and TAs can change recordings from private to public, or vice versa, using the Media Requests tool on canvas. Recordings can not be un-scheduled using the Media Requests tool. To opt-out of recordings, email

During Add/Drop period:

  • All class meetings are recorded as public recordings, except 1L required courses and seminars.
  • 1L required courses and seminars are recorded as private recordings
  • During the Add/Drop period, All Penn Carey Law Students can access public course recordings for all classes.

After Add/Drop period:

  • All class meetings are recorded as private recordings
  • Public recordings are available to all students in a course. Private Recordings are available, by default, to only Instructors and TAs in the course. To edit permissions for individual recordings to send to students, follow instructions here:



How are classes recorded?


  • In-person/hybrid classes are recorded using the classroom camera and microphone systems.
  • The camera captures the instructor area, as well as audio from instructors and students
  • The class PC (powerpoint) is also recorded as a separate window
  • Recordings are scheduled by ITS at the beginning of the semester
  • Recordings start and stop according to the registrar’s schedule
  • Recordings are posted to Canvas in the “Panopto Recordings” folder or the “Private Recordings” folder depending on the course. See above for default settings.


  • Zoom classes are recorded using the Zoom platform
  • The recording captures audio and video from the active speaker and any shared screens
  • All course Zoom calls are scheduled to be automatically recorded
  • Recordings start as soon as the Host joins the call (usually the instructor or TA)
  • Recordings end when the Host ends the call
  • Recordings are posted to Canvas in the Private Recordings folder under “Panopto Recordings.” 

Recording Policy for In-Person Classes and Course Zoom calls

  • ITS will schedule on-site classes and course Zoom calls to be recorded according to the policy above. 
  • This scheduling script will run one time at the beginning of the semester. Any subsequently scheduled class meetings (make-ups, for example) need to be manually scheduled to be recorded by the instructor or the Registrar’s office. This can be done by requesting recording on the Makeup Class request form, or by navigating to the Media Requests link on your Canvas site.
  • Recordings will be available to students a few hours after the class ends. ITS will not edit any content out of the recordings. They will be posted without review.
  • Making Recordings “Public”

  • By default, recordings scheduled as private care only available to the Instructor and TAs
  • To send individual private recordings to individual students, see here for instructions:
  • To change all future recordings to “Public,” navigate to the Media Requests page on your Canvas site and de-select the “Private” option, and click Save. Instructions for scheduling private recordings are here.

Opt-in to “Public Recording”

See here for details.

Sending individual recordings to students

See here for details.

Important Details and FAQ:

No ITS Editing and Approval

  • All Zoom and Panopto Recordings will be published without review or editing to the course recordings folder.

How do I delete a recording?

See here for details.

Can I opt-in to ITS editing and approval?

  • Yes, you can opt to have ITS edit and approve all of your recordings
  • Editing consists in cutting off the beginning and the end of the recordings so that they start exactly when your class starts and ends exactly when your class ends.
  • please email and request to opt-in to ITS editing/recording
  • Important: Do not select this option if you are teaching your hybrid class via Panopto Livestream. Your remote students will not be able to watch your class live if you opt-in to ITS editing/approval
  • Note: It will take ITS 24-48 hours to edit and approve your recordings

I teach a hybrid class. I lecture from a classroom, but some of my students join via Zoom. How is my class recorded? 

Your class is recorded using 2 different systems, and you will have two different recordings of each class.

    1. Panopto will capture your class using the in-room camera and microphone system.
    2. Zoom will capture your class using the built-in recording features of Zoom.

To cancel recordings from both systems, see above instructions.

Can I cancel or pause an individual recording on Zoom? 

Yes. Press the Stop or Pause button once your Zoom call starts

Can I edit my own recordings?

Yes, see our guide to editing Panopto recordings here.

How do I record a lecture without making it available to students right away? 

  • See full recording guide here
  • When choosing your folder in the Panopto application, you will see two options per course. For example:
    • Spring 2024 - CourseName (Instructor)
    • Private Recording - Spring 2024 - CourseName (Instructor)
  • Recordings uploaded to the main folder will be available to students after the processing period (typically 1-2 hours after upload)
  • Recordings uploaded to the Private Recordings folder will not be available to students.
  • If you want to record a video, but not make it available to your students immediately, choose your “Private” folder. When you are ready to make it available to students, move it into your public folder. Instructions on moving a recording from the “Private” folder to the public folder are here.

I have a recording that is already posted to my Panopto Recordings folder, how do I make it private?

See here for instructions on making recordings private.