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Recording Management Tools, Tips, & Tricks:

By default, class sessions (both in-person and over Zoom) are recorded and posted to the “Panopto Recordings” folder on Canvas. These recordings are available to students immediately after server processing. No further actions needs to be taken for students to be able to view class recordings in Canvas.  To view recordings, click “Panopto Recordings” in the left hand column in Canvas. 

This document will give you methods of managing your recordings. Click on “Panopto Recordings” in Canvas to see a list of all recordings posted to your Panopto Recordings folder.

Edit Recordings

See here for detailed editing guide:

Delete Recordings


Move Recordings-to your private folder or a different folder

  1. To move a recording to a new folder, click the check box that appears when hovering over a recording. Then click the “Move” button above.
    Click the checkbox then click "Move"
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, click the drop down arrow to select a destination folder. typically your private class folder to make recordings unavailable to students.
    Set a destination folder and confirm by clicking "move"
  3. Click “Move” to accept the change. 

Set Availability Settings

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Copy/Rename Recordings

  • To copy recordings, hover over a recording and click the checkbox for the recording. video(s) you want to copy, then click “copy” at the top center of the Panopto interface. Next set a destination folder the same as you would to move a recording, then hit copy to complete.
    click the checkbox, then copy to bring up the destination pop up window.

Rename a recording

  • To rename a recording, hover your mouse over a recording and click on “Settings.” Click “Edit” next to the name of the recording and enter a new name. Click “Save” when you are finished.

    Click the settings gear icon in panopto. Then click edit. Enter a new title.
    Enter a new title, then click save.

Other Helpful Guides

Important Reminders:

  • Depending on the type of face covering you are wearing, recording clarity can vary, so remember to wear a microphone, be conscious of the podium mic, and project your voice for best results.

  • Always end your zoom meetings after class or your recordings will continue indefinitely or until another faculty/staff member uses the computer and closes out.

  • if you are recording in person in a classroom, BOTH PC screens will be recorded.

  • Test calls are also recorded, so remember to delete unwanted recordings regularly

  • To make your recordings “private” by default, email 

Please review recording policies and procedures here and reach out to for any further questions -

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