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Recording Management Tools, Tips, & Tricks:

By default, class sessions (both in-person and over Zoom) are recorded and posted to the “Panopto Recordings” folder on Canvas. These recordings are available to students immediately after server processing. No further actions needs to be taken for students to be able to view class recordings in Canvas.  To view recordings, click “Panopto Recordings” in the left hand column in Canvas. 

This document will give you methods of managing your recordings. Click on “Panopto Recordings” in Canvas to see a list of all recordings posted to your Panopto Recordings folder.



Edit Recordings


Delete Recordings


Schedule a Private Recording

For in-person classes:

Navigate to your Canvas course and click on “Media Requests.” Scroll down to see individual class sessions. Click the checkbox for “Make my recording/livestream private. Then click “Save Changes” above. Please note that no students will be able to access private recording/livestream unless you add them as a user for that recording. If you rely on the Panopto livestream feature for your hybrid class, do not schedule it as “Private.”


For Zoom classes:

Contact to change your default folder for recorded Zoom calls to your Private folder.


Move Recordings-to your private folder or a different folder

  1. To move a recording to a new folder, click the settings gear icon that appears when hovering over the recording you would like to move.
    click the settings icon.
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, ” edit” under the folder name
    click edit.
  3. Select from the drop down list or type the destination folder into the name field and hit save 
    select a new folder from the drop down menu and hit save.


Send a Private Recording to a student

Any recording in your “Private Recordings” folder is not accessible to students. To send a specific student a link to a private recording, see these instructions:


1. From Canvas, click the Panopto Recordings link.

2. Click on the Private Recordings folder at the top of the window.

3. Navigate to the video you’d like to share and click on the Share option that appears.


4. Under Invite people, type in the email of the individual to whom you would like to send the video. If they are a Penn Carey Law student, Panopto should auto-fill their name. Start by typing their first name and the rest of their name should appear as an option. Select the name that starts with “PennLawCanvasLive\UserName”

share panopto

5. Type in an optional message to send with your email. Make sure that Notify people via email is checked off. Finally, click on Send and save changes to send an email with the video link.

invite panopto


Set Availability Settings

  • Recordings can be scheduled to become available or unavailable through the settings menu on a per recording basis.  First click into the settings gear icon by hovering over a recording.
    Click the settings gear icon.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the pop up settings window to see the availability settings options.  Set and close out of the window.  There is no save settings step to keep these changes, they automatically save.
    Availability settings


Copy Recordings

  • To copy recordings, hover over a recording and click the settings gear icon.
    click settings.

  • On the left hand side, click the “manage” tab.  The scroll down to the copy section, then type a name for the new recording copy, then hit “copy” to confirm the action.  Copies will be in the same folder as the original, but can be moved just like other recordings.  See the “move recordings” section above if you need a refresher.
    click manage on the left hand side.  Type in the name of the copy and hit copy to confirm.


Rename a recording

  • To rename a recording, hover your mouse over a recording and click on “Settings.” Click “Edit” next to the name of the recording and enter a new name. Click “Save” when you are finished.

    Click the settings gear icon in panopto. Then click edit. Enter a new title.
    Enter a new title, then click save.

Recording Viewer Statistics

  • Panopto offers usage statistics tracking on a per recording basis that can be accessed by hovering over a recording and clicking the “stats” graph button.

    Click the stats button by hovering over any recording.
  • Below is the breakdown of how Panopto measures each of these categories and what they denote specifically:

    Views and downloads - total number of combined viewings (including multiple viewings by the same users) and downloads (when applicable).
    Minutes delivered - Total duration of all viewings across all users. This has a direct correlation with the length of your recording.
    Average minutes delivered - The mean average of time each user viewed the clip.
    Percent complete - Percentage of the recording a specific user watched.

    usage stats
    Important note: if a recording is not trimmed there may be large empty gaps at the beginning or end that skew these measurements, most notably percentage complete.

    Here is some additional information on accessing and reading the Panopto stats -

Other Helpful Guides


Important Reminders:

  • Wear a microphone

    • Depending on the type of face covering you are wearing, recording clarity can vary, so remember to wear a microphone, be conscious of the podium mic, and project your voice for best results.

  • Click “End Meeting” at the end of each Zoom call

    • Always end your zoom meetings after class or your recordings will continue indefinitely or until another faculty/staff member uses the computer and closes out.

  • Both PC screens are recording for in-person teaching

    • if you are recording in person in a classroom, BOTH PC screens will be recorded.

  • Zoom calls are recorded automatically. So any “test” calls will record and post to your Panopto Recordings page on Canvas.

    • Remember to delete unwanted recordings regularly

  • To make your recordings “private” by default, email 

Please review recording policies and procedures here and reach out to for any further questions -

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