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Hardware Recommendations for Recording and Video Conferencing

ITS recommends the following options for improving your recording quality beyond the built-in capabilities of your computer. Please contact to request purchase of materials


Secondary Display

With two displays, Screen Sharing and Gallery mode can be viewed on separate displays using Zoom’s Dual-Screen Mode. Secondary displays can also help arrange notes and other documents.



We recommend a Full HD 1080p USB webcam with auto-exposure and built-in microphone. Due to worldwide backorders, many webcam are unavailable. When purchasing, ITS will confirm shipping date and purchase alternate products as necessary.


For placing your webcam on a tripod in a location other than on top of your laptop or display.



These offering facilitate different styles of teaching. All mics/headsets will improve audio quality when recording.



All lighting in the room should be directed towards the subject. Avoid overhead lights, especially behind the subject. Windows are OK as long as they are not behind the subject. A well-placed desk lamp will shine light on your face and will improve recording quality. Specialty lighting can work, provided that you have the space in your office to accommodate a small tripod behind the camera, or on your desk.



  • Wacom Intuos M Bluetooth
    • Allows instructor to write hand-written notes on separate tablet device. Notes appear on powerpoint slides as annotation, or digital white-board using Microsoft Whiteboard app.


boom arm for microphone

  • Samson MBA28
    • Adjustable arm attaches to desk with C-clamp. Microphone attaches to arm to easily position microphone in proper place. 


Green Screen

A solid color Green Screen improves the effect of the digital background in Zoom and other video conferencing applications.

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