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Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a simple but powerful tool for drawing on a blank-slate digital whiteboard.

To get started, download the software and login with your o365 credentials. You need a Microsoft account in order to use the Whiteboard application.


  • Add hand-written text to a blank-slate canvas
  • Add photos from the internet with integrated Bing search
  • Access your saved Whiteboards on multiple devices
  • Share Whiteboards with other users to collaborate

Write and draw directly on your screen

If you have a touch-screen laptop or tablet, you can write directly onto your device with a stylus.

Record your Whiteboard

Combining Whiteboard and Panopto screen capture, you can create a video with a narrated voice-over.

See here for full instructions on recording screen capture in Panopto:

More Information

Microsoft Whiteboard videos on Youtube:

Microsoft help document:

Latest Tips

Screenshot showing protected version Copilot

Microsoft Copilot provides AI-powered web search, answers, content generation, and information summarization via your web browser


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