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Course Recordings: Managing Archived Videos




Course Recording Retention Policy

ITS course recording retention policy is two years. Old recordings are deleted annually on August 15th. Any recordings in your “Panopto Recordings” folder and any sub-folders on your course Canvas sites will be deleted.

Note: this includes all in-class recordings, Zoom recordings, uploaded recordings, “public” and “private” recordings.

For example:

Deletion Date: Recordings to be deleted:
August 15th, 2023 Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021
August 15th, 2024 Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022
August 15th, 2025 Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Summer 2023


How to Request Archiving

By default, all course recordings are deleted after two years. To request archiving of your recordings, please use this service request form:


Accessing Archived Recordings

1. Navigate to your Canvas site.

2. Click on “Panopto Recordings”

3. Click on link that reads “Show archived videos” show archived


4. Navigate your mouse over any recording and click “Restore from Archive” restore


5. Click “OK” when prompted
click to restore


6. Depending on the length and number of recordings you are restoring, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours. Recordings will appear in your Panopto Recordings folder when the restoration is complete. 

7. If you need to restore many videos at once over multiple courses, you can view all of your archived videos in one screen. 

  1. Log into Panopto at
  2. Click on “System,” then “Archive”
    1.   panopto system archive

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