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Costs for IT services are listed below, and are subject to change by Law School administration. If you are a group wishing to hold an event at the Law School, please contact to inquire about availability. For events technology related questions, please email


Tier 1: $150 per room, per day (required for any technology usage in classrooms)

This pricing tier grants you access to the standard technology in the classroom. Our ITS staff will provide a brief training on the use of the classroom technology prior to your event, and will provide a guest login to the PC. We will respond to urgent major problems in the classroom such as equipment failure. The organizer of the event (or someone designated by the organizer) is expected to handle technology usage during the event such as loading and switching powerpoint presentations, connecting laptops to projection system, adjusting volume of audio playback, turning the projectors/displays on and off, and turning wireless microphones on and off.


Tier 2: $250 per room, per day (required for any technology usage in Fitts auditorium or Levy conference center)

Includes the above technology, as well as:

  • Microphones for podium amplification, panel discussions and Q&A sessions
  • Use of projection screens in Levy Conference Center
  • Event recording. Includes audio recording, screen-capture of presentation materials, and fixed-image video recording. Camera does not move; captures panel table and/or podium. Recording is emailed to event organizer as a digital file within one week of your event.
  • ITS staff can provide basic editing tasks such as making each panel or keynote speaker a stand-alone video.
  • Video conferencing using Zoom 
  • Live-streaming of your event to another classroom at Penn Carey Law, or to the public over the internet
  • Use of mobile TV screens and/or audio playback in commons areas (Goat, Clock, Great Hall, Courtyard)


Tier 3: $850 per room, per day (up to 8 hours) or $550 per room for ½ day events (up to 4 hours)

Includes all of the above, as well as on-site support by our ITS staff.

  • Services can include:
    • Video record your event with custom videography. Our staff will adjust the camera to capture the current speaker at the panel table or podium


  • A dedicated ITS staff member to assist with AV technology. ITS Staff can not advance powerpoint slides or carry wireless Q&A microphones to audience members. Support is limited to technological services only.

NOTE: Additional staffing is charged at the rate of $125/hour. For instance, if a second technician is needed to provide in-room support while one technician provides custom videography, we will charge $125/hour for the second technician’s time.


Other notes:

Custom technology orders are set up prior to your event and must remain unchanged throughout the day. The total number of panel microphones is limited by room. Panel microphones are setup according to the largest number of panelists for your event. For instance, if your first panel has five speakers, and your second panel has three speakers, we will set up five panel mics for the duration of your event.

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