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Clinic Client Meeting Recordings: Guide for Students

To record clinic client meetings, please use the Zoom application on the clinic conference room PC. Meeting participants can attend in-person or remotely and all will be captured on the recording. 


1. Login to the PC

  • Login with your LawKey email and password.

2. Sign into Zoom using PennKey/SSO

  • Open the Zoom application and click Sign in with SSO.
  • You may be prompted to type “upenn” into a field before signing in with your PennKey.

sso zoom

3. Start Zoom Call

  • If you have a Zoom call already scheduled, click Start next to your meeting.
  • If you do not already have a meeting scheduled, click New Meeting or Schedule.
  • If you need to invite remote guests, you can invite them by clicking the three dots () next to the Start button, and selecting Copy Invitation. That copied invitation can then be pasted into an email and sent out.

start meeting


4. Test Audio and Video

  • In the room, press the On button, and the PC button on the control interface, so you will be able to hear the PC audio in the room.
  • Make sure you can see the video feed of the room in the Zoom window. If not, go to the Zoom settings and click the Video tab to toggle camera inputs.
  • Check the microphone by navigating to the Audio tab in the Zoom settings and clicking Test Mic. After clicking Test Mic you will be prompted to speak, and then when the test is done, it should play back the audio of you talking.
  • If additional people inside the clinic room or classroom wish to join the call, using their laptop cameras, they should not connect their computer audio to the call, or there will be audio feedback problems. Essentially, this means their laptop speakers and microphone should both be muted.

test audio zoom

5. Start Recording

  • Click the Record button in the Zoom window and select Record on this Computer.

record on this computer

6. End Recording and wait for video to process

  • When finished, click the Stop button, or End the Meeting.
  • You will see a window appear while Zoom processes your recording. Remain in the room until this process is complete, so you can upload the video to Box drive.
  • After your video is finished processing, the .mp4 video file will be accessible from your user folder on the PC temporarily. The folder containing the file should appear on the screen after processing is complete.
  • Edit the name of the .mp4 video so that it includes the date, the clinic initials, the last name of the client, and your name(s).

7. Upload .mp4 video to Box folder

  • Upload your recording to this Box folder.
  • Follow this SharePoint link for more detailed instructions on uploading your video to the clinic Box folder.
  • Make sure that you have successfully uploaded the video to the Box folder and then please delete the .mp4 video file from the PC. 
  • Finally, log out of the PC. 


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