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Silverman Lecture Halls

S-240a, S-240b, S-245a, S-280 Room Technology Instructions

See Dual Delivery Guide for help setting up a partial remote class

Login to Classroom PC:

Tap on the touchscreen to wake it up. Then, tap the PC button on the screen. Touching the image of the PC on the screen will toggle full-screen mode. To exit full-screen mode, tap the screen again (see diagram below for more detail).

Using the keyboard and mouse, login with your Law School credentials (LawKey):

  • Faculty & Staff:
  • Students: (or for students entering JD ’25 and later)
  • Or access Guest account without logging in: click the Guest button in lower left corner

Access Microsoft Office 365, Canvas, and/or OneDrive by clicking appropriate desktop icons.

2-Step authentication is required for PennKey and Canvas log-ins. Remember to bring either your smartphone, key-fob or list of authentication codes to class with you. Check mark Trust this Browser to reduce login time for future log-ins. However, the classroom PC may not save these settings from class to class.

Important: Please Log Off of the PC when finished

Double click the LOG OFF button on the PC desktop:

Connecting a Laptop or device:

Rooms are equipped with Wireless Laptop Connection, which allows you to wirelessly send your laptop or device screen to the room displays. Click here for instructions.

Send the PC, Laptop or device screen to the room display:

  1. Select a Source: PC or Laptop. Select PC to use the classroom computer or choose Laptop to connect your device wirelessly using Mersive Solstice.
  2. Choose where you want to send it. Silverman rooms S-245a, S-240a and S-240b have one LED Screen while S-280 has two side projectors. When a selection is enabled, it will turn yellow.
  3. This is the PC preview screen, which you can tap to enable full-screen mode. To exit full-screen mode, tap the screen again with your finger or with the provided stylus.
  4. Use the audio controls accordingly; tap Send Audio to use audio with your presentation if it’s not already selected.
  5. ITS Help button will alert our technicians if you need technical assistance.
  6. Room controls can be found on the left side of the screen to control lighting, shades, microphone levels, discussion unit controls, and camera controls (in some rooms).
  7. When finished, LOG OFF of the PC - do not shut down. Then, tap Shutdown on the touchscreen to turn off Projectors and/or TV Displays

Note: Control panel may look slightly different than below image:

Silverman touch panel

Silverman podium

Need further assistance?

For urgent problems, press the ITS Help button and an ITS technician will arrive at your class within the next 5-10 minutes. If the help button is unavailable, call ITS Media at 215-898-9570.

For non-urgent matters, email ITS at

For urgent after-hours (after 8pm) or weekend support: Call 215-898-9570 and leave a message detailing your problem, your room, and a phone number where we can reach you. An ITS technician will call you back within 20 minutes.


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