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GK-70 Room Technology Instructions

Click here to see images of classroom layout

To Log into the Classroom PC (Log out of PC when finished)

  • Press the “PC” button on the Touch Panel
  • Touch preview image to make full-screen
  • Using the wireless keyboard and mouse, login with your Law School credentials
  • Access o365 web apps and Canvas using desktop icons
  • 2-factor authentication is required for all Pennkey (Canvas) authentication
  • You can choose “Trust This Browser” to reduce login time for 2-factor authentication 
    • Remember to bring your smart phone, key fob or list of numbers to class with you
    • Classroom computers may not save your “Trust this Browser” setting from class to class.
  • IMPORTANT: Log out of PC when finished
    • Quick Logoff: Double-click the LOG OFF button on the desktop
  • To connect a laptop:

    • Using the provided cables and adapters, plug the HDMI cable into your laptop
    • Some rooms are equipped with Mersive Solstice, which will allow you to send your laptop screen to the projection system wirelessly. See here for instructions.

    To use the Document Camera:

    • Open the document camera cubby door and remove the document camera from the table. Press the power button to turn on document camera.

    To Send an image to a projector screen

    1. 1. Select a Destination. There are multiple monitors in this room. You can select as many or as little as you want.
    2. 2. The PC preview will come through in this box. Tap to make PC feed fullscreen. Use the provided 3. wireless keyboard and mouse for PC control. To exit fullscreen and return to room controls, tap in the lower left hand corner of the touch panel.
    3. 4. Room Controls are found along the bottom of the screen to control lighting, microphone levels, and PC volume. There are also mute controls for each audio source.
    4. 5. Press “ITS Help” to request a technician for assistance
    5. 6. When finished, please log out of the PC, then select Exit and Shutdown from the touch panel. 


    How to find help:

    For urgent problems, press the “ITS Help” button. An ITS technician will arrive at your class within 5-10 minutes

    Call the ITS Media hotline at 215-898-9570

    For non-urgent matters, email us at

    After-hours (after 8pm) or weekend support:

    Call 215-898-9570 and leave a detailed message of your problem, your room, and a phone number where we can reach you. An ITS technician will call you back within 20 minutes.


    Other information:

    Penn Law classrooms support Zoom video conferencing. Click here for more details on scheduling and connecting to a Zoom call.

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Latest Tips

  • This year a new Special print account is being added for all Penn Law students. This account is to be used when printing for approved group and programs. All other printing remains the same, please read on for more details.
  • The Penn Law Directory is available for members of the law school community to share contact information. Here are some important reminders.