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Remote Teaching Options

See below for support documentation and training opportunities for remote and hybrid teaching:

Training Opportunities

See our training page to sign up for live training with ITS

Hardware Recommendations

See here for our recommended list of recording equipment

Internet Connectivity Recommendations

Overview of Hybrid teaching

Remote Teaching with Zoom

Zoom allows a remote instructor to send their video and/or screen share and teach remotely.

Office Hours

Please follow these instructions to setup virtual office hours in Zoom for the upcoming term. The instructions also include how to add your Office Hours link to your courses menu in Canvas or use the Canvas Scheduler to allow students to signup for times.

Zoom Security Settings

Record a Lecture

Using Panopto, instructors can record their camera feed and/or their screen capture, with synchronized audio.

Record an Interview

Using Zoom, instructors can conduct a video conference with 2 or more people and record the session in a variety of formats.

Guest Speakers and Student Presentations

How to send a link to your Zoom Course call to a guest speaker. How to grant students or guests the ability to share their screen.

Teaching Assistants

Other Teaching Tools

Contact for licensing information and training.

  • Poll Everywhere
    • Survey tool with robust question types and statistics. Can be stand-alone web app or integrated with Powerpoint. 
  • Polling with Zoom (“non verbal feedback”)
    • You can do simple polling (called “non-verbal feedback”) with Zoom.
    • Full-featured polling in Zoom with different question types is not available with Penn Carey Law’s implementation. 
      • Raise Hand / Lower Hand
      • yes/no
      • go slower/go faster
      • Additional icons are available by clicking the more button:
        • agree/disagree
        • clap
        • need a break
        • away
  • Digital Whiteboard
    •  Zoom, Microsoft, and PowerPoint offer different ways to implement a digital whiteboard into your teaching and recordings.

Accessing Canvas

To access the Penn Carey Law Canvas site, go to and login with your PennKey username and password. If you are new to Canvas, begin with Getting Started with Canvas.

Canvas Tools


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