How to attend classes online using Zoom

All students should activate their Penn Zoom account before attending Zoom classes. Instructions are available at 

In this guide:

Step 1: Test your setup before hand

Make sure you have the proper equipment and setup.

  • Please review our equipment recommendations.
  • Conduct an internet speed test with Internet speed is affected by other people and devices on your home network. Moving physically closer to your home wireless internet router may increase connection speed.
  • Recommended connection speed for Zoom is at least 3MBps (download and upload).
  • Connect to the call 5-10 minutes before your class is scheduled to meet.
  • Close non-essential applications on your computer, especially email client. If you are sharing your screen, open all documents before the call starts.
  • Conduct your call in a quiet environment.

Be sure to test your setup/Zoom connection


Step 2: Find the Zoom meeting link for your class


  • From your Canvas course site, click the link in the left menu for ‘Student Zoom Course’.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure you are logged into Zoom at BEFORE clicking the Student Zoom Course link in your Canvas site. If you are not logged in, you will be placed in the waiting room and will have to leave the meeting, login, and rejoin.
  • If students go into the waiting room, they will see the following message:
    • “If you have a UPenn Zoom account, you need to be signed in before accessing your Student Zoom Course link to bypass the waiting room. Please leave this meeting (x in top right corner). Navigate to in a browser and “Sign in with SSO” using PennKey username and password. Rejoin by clicking on the Student Zoom Course link in Canvas.”
  • If you have not yet activated your Penn Zoom account, instructions are available at
  • Click the Zoom meeting link several minutes before your meeting, as you may be prompted to download Zoom to to your PC, Mac, tablet or phone.

Step 3: Join the Zoom session

  • If you have never installed the Zoom meetings client, you will be prompted to download and install.
  • The host (instructor) must connect to the call first. If you see the following message, you will be admitted to the call once the instructor connects. Take this time to test your Computer Audio.

  • zoom call not started
  • See Zoom video tutorial for detailed instructions:

  • Once the call starts, Zoom should recognize your camera automatically. Click the blue button that reads “Join with Video”

    screenshot zoom join video
  • To connect your microphone, click the blue button that reads “Join with Computer Audio”

    zoom screenshot join audio

Connect via Phone

Click the “Phone Call” tab to retrieve the phone dial-in number and meeting ID

zoom phone call

Connect via Tablet (iPad) or Smartphone (iOS or Android)

To connect to the call with your tablet or smartphone, navigate to Canvas and click the Student Zoom Course from your device. See here for specific help documents from Zoom:




Participation Controls

Mute/Unmute your microphone

Your microphone should remain muted unless your are called on or have a question

  • zoom screenshot mute

Raise your hand

If you have a question, use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom

  • Click on “Reactions,” then “Raise Hand”
  • zoom reactions

Share Screen

  • Screen Sharing is disabled by default for students. In order to share your screen, the Host on the call must make you a “Co-Host.” Once you are a Co-Host, you can share your desktop screen or to write on a virtual whiteboard. Click the green “Share Screen” button along the bottom of the Zoom window. Select “Screen” to share your desktop
    • zoom share screen


    Text-based Chat can be a useful way to communicate during the call.

    zoom chat

    • Chat window will open and you will be able to send messages to Everyone, or to individual participants.

    zoom chat window


    Gallery View vs. Speaker view

    The default view in Zoom is “Speaker View” in which the participant who is speaking appears in a large screen, and all other participants appear as thumbnails above the main speaker. “Gallery View” will show all participants at once, up to 25 on the screen at a time. The number of people in Gallery View can be increased to 49, depending on your CPU. See here for details:

    zoom gallery view

What should I do if I have problems connecting to the Zoom meeting? How can I get help?

If you are experiencing any issue(s) with latency, frozen screen, poor quality audio, or meeting getting disconnected while connecting remotely, please review Zoom’s troubleshooting guide at

If you continue to have issues, you can reach ITS at or call 215-898-2679. You can also contact us via online chat - Chat with ITS Help.

Find recordings of a Zoom meeting in Canvas

Zoom meeting recordings will be available in Panopto. From your Canvas course, click the Panopto Recordings link in your left menu. Recordings are usually available within a few hours after the meeting ends. 


  • All students can setup a fully licensed Zoom account. More Info.


  • Teams is available for all Penn Carey Law degree seeking students. Communicate through chat, online meetings, and calls. Collaborate together with integrated Office 365 apps. More Info.



  • City of Philadelphia - Staying Connected During COVID-19 Guide.

  • Comcast announced that Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. They are also offering deals on Wifi.