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RedPost is a Web-based application for updating your community board. It requires the FireFox web browser. Login here.

Basic Concepts

  • Location: A single screen
  • Playlist: Each screen is assigned a playlist.
  • Poster: Each playlist contains one or more posters. You can create/upload content (called posters) and add it to your playlist.


Creating a New Poster

To create a new poster, click New — Poster. and select Image:

  1. Image (Upload an Image)
    • This method is recommended for posters with images/more design elements.
    • If you upload an image, the size is 1920x1080
    • We recommend downloading one of our PowerPoint templates (see below). Make your changes to the slide in PowerPoint and then save as a jpg image. Then browse for and upload your image to RedPost.

Updating an Existing Poster


To see a list of all of your Posters, click the Organize tab. Click the pencil icon to update an existing poster.

Deleting a Poster

You can delete a poster by clicking the trashcan (delete) icon.


Adding a Poster to your Playlist

Your playlist is named default. (Note: you may have other playlists that we set up for some occasions such as Admitted Student Weekend. Be sure you are using the default playlist.) Once you create a poster, you add it to your playlist by dragging and dropping and it will be displayed on your screen. (Click Organize to see a list of all of your posters. Once you select the poster you want to add, drag it over to the appropriate playlist on the right menu.)

Reordering the Posters in your Playlist

Items will be rotated in the order shown on your playlist. You can drag and drop items in your playlist to change the order.

Removing a Poster from your Playlist


You can remove posters from your playlist by clicking the remove icon. The poster will remain under your posters list so you can add it back to a playlist as needed.

PowerPoint Templates

template1.JPG template2.JPG
template3.JPG template4.JPG
template5.JPG template6.JPG
template7.JPG template8.JPG
template9.JPG template10.JPG
template11.JPG template12.JPG

Latest Tips

  • This year a new Special print account is being added for all Penn Law students. This account is to be used when printing for approved group and programs. All other printing remains the same, please read on for more details.
  • The Penn Law Directory is available for members of the law school community to share contact information. Here are some important reminders.