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Recording a Zoom Call for Meetings and Interviews

All Zoom calls can be recorded. Depending on the format you wish your final video to appear, you may have to change your Zoom Cloud recording settings.

Available Formats for your video

1. Record two or more people in “Speaker View”. Video switches to each person when they speak

This is the default format for Zoom Cloud Recordings. If you are sharing your screen, the active speaker will appear in the top-right corner. If you are not sharing your screen, the active speaker will appear full-screen and will switch to a new person when they speak.

example with powerpoint: 

shared screen with active speaker view

example without powerpoint:om active speaker 

2. Record two of more people in “Gallery View.” Video shows all participants in grid on screen.


example:zoom gallery view


This format requires changing the Recording Settings in Zoom.

To adjust cloud recording settings, log into your account on

  1. Click on “Settings”
    1. zoom settings
  2. Click on “Recording.”Check the first two check-boxes under “Cloud Recording” if you wish to capture recordings in Gallery View
    1. zoom recordings settings


3. Record 2 or more people on-screen with a powerpoint

example: zoom side by side


Note: this MUST be done with Zoom Local recording, and not cloud recording. The person recording must be in “Side-by-side” mode under View Options.


Regardless of Format, How to Start a Recording

Only Hosts and Co-Hosts can start a recording.  

  • To start a recording, click on the “Record” icon on the toolbar at the bottom the Zoom interface.
  • Record to the Cloud will save your recording to the Zoom website. To download this recording, log into the Zoom website and navigate to “Recordings”
  • Record to this Computer will save a copy of the recording on your computer. To find the recording, navigate to your “Documents” folder, then “Zoom.” Each recording will be in a folder named with the date and time of the recording.

Zoom Recording Settings


  • When recording you should see the record button be replaced by a pause and a stop icon as pictured below.

Pause/Stop Recording in Zoom


Accessing Cloud Recordings

***Recordings for classes are automatically imported into Panopto and this step can be skipped if you are trying to access class recordings as an instructor. ***


Cloud recordings can only be accessed by logging into Zoom via the website portal (not the application on your computer) at and clicking Recordings, as seen below.  The recordings tab will also show you where local recordings were stored if you are having issues locating a local recording.

Accessing Zoom Recordings

To download your Zoom recording(s) hover click the “More” button to the right of the recording you want to download and click download. 

download zoom recordings

Zoom is setup to download both an audio only version (as an .M4A file) and a video with audio version (as a .MP4 file).  These are both standard filetypes that most media players can playback with ease.  The image below is also indicative of the naming convention (timezone:year:month:day meeting name)

example zoom file names

***files can be found in whatever your default web browser download folder is, typically “downloads” or “desktop” are the default folders.***


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