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Qualtrics FAQs & Tips

Qualtrics Tips

  • Qualtrics has a question type for File Upload. Great if you want to allow responders to submit a word or pdf doc.
  • Use the Allow Text Entry Option when offering an “other” option in a multiple choice question.
  • Use the Spell Check option on Edit Survey to check your survey before activating.
  • As you are working on your survey, Qualtrics will save it automatically (there is no save button)
  • Under Survey Options, be sure to enter in a specific title/description for your survey.
  • Under look/feel, select the Penn Law template to add the Penn Law banner to your survey

Frequently asked questions


Q: How can I add others to collaborate on a survey or view the results?

You can grant access to other members of the Law school or Penn community so that they can edit, distribute or view the results of your survey. Only the survey owner (creator) can add collaborators.

  • Locate the survey in the My Projects section
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the project block and click on Share Project
  • Search for and locate the person you want to add (Via their username or email address)
  • Select their name and then check off the access you want to grant them (edit, view reports, etc.)

IMPORTANT: In order to be added to a survey, a user needs to create their Qualtrics login. This happens the first time they login to the system - using the directions below:

  1. Log in with your PennKey at
  2. Choose I don’t have a Qualtrics account.
  3. Verify your name and email address, then click Update.

External Collaborators: You can also collaborate on a survey with external users outside of Penn if they also have a Qualtrics account from their respective institution. In order for this to work, their institution must have the option enabled to allow collaboration outside of their organization. When adding external users, be sure to add their full username (which is in the form of an email address).


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Q: How can I number my questions?

  • Click on the survey name under My Projects
  • Click Tools
  • Auto-Number Questions…
  • Click on the Number type you would like to use (and change/remove prefix if desired)

This will add the numbers to your survey edit page. To have them appear on your actual survey that is distributed, go to Survey Options and make sure the option Show Question Numbers is checked.


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Q: Can I set the survey so that I receive an email whenever anyone submits the form?

Yes, the default email trigger is to send whenever a survey is submitted by Qualtrics also offers advanced features including the ability to send the email when certain criteria is met. For example, you can have an email notification sent whenever a user answers Yes to question “would you like to be contacted with more information.”

  • Click on the survey name under My Projects
  • Click Tools
  • Triggers
  • Email Triggers


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Q: Can I send an automatic email to the responder that contains a copy of their survey responses?

Yes, just be sure you include a required question for ‘Email Address’ in your survey. Then create a trigger that sends an email with the responses.

  • Click on the survey name under My Projects
  • Click Tools
  • Triggers
  • Email Triggers
  • In the message box, click the option to insert piped text {a}
  • Select your Email Address question. It will insert the code that willl pull out the email address from each survey. Cut and paste that into the “To Email Address” field
  • Specify your reply to address, subject and message text.
  • Check the box ‘Include Response Report’

Once a survey is submitted, the automatic response will be sent to the email address provided. It will include the response report (the responses as well as some details about their response including IP address and date/time submitted.)

See the Qualtrics trigger settings help page for more information (scroll to the bottom to the tips section to see screen shots.)


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Q: Can I change my survey after I have activated and distributed it?

Yes, you can!

  • Click on the survey name under My Projects
  • If there are already responses to the survey, you will see a warning that editing the survey could invalidate the results.
  • You can make changes to question text such as fixing a typo or add additional questions or answer choices. Qualtrics recommends that you avoid changing a question type or deleting a question or answer choice.


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Q: Can I password protect my survey so only LawKey users can access it?

Yes, one way to do this is to limit access to your survey so that it can only be accessed from a link on a password protected page on the Penn Law web site.

  • Click on the survey name under My Projects
  • Click Survey Options
  • Check the box for “HTTP Referer Verification” and enter the URL of a password protected page on the web site (/lawonly in the path.)
  • Then add a link to the survey on your password protected page (that you entered in above).
  • You will distribute the URL of this page to users that you want to take the survey. They will login to the page and then click the link to open the survey.

If you need assistance setting this up, please contact
NOTE: There are other ways to distribute via email or panel that can also limit who can access your survey.


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Q: Can I password protect my survey so it requires a PennKey login?

Yes, here’s how.

  • Click on the survey name under My Projects
  • Click on Survey Flow
  • Click on “+ Add a New Element Here” and select “Authenticator”
  • Select “SSO” from the “Authentication Type:” dropdown menu.
  • Uncheck “Associate Respondent With Panel”
  • Select “Shibboleth” from the “SSO Type:” dropdown menu.
  • Click and hold down the “Move” link to drag the box to the very top of your survey, before all other questions.
  • Click on “Save Flow”
Note: If you attempt to use the “Capture respondent identifying info” feature (name, email, etc.), expect it to be incomplete, as some info is suppressed by either Penn or the user.
  • To restrict each user to filling out the survey only once, on the “Edit Survey” tab, click on “Survey Options” and check “Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing” in the “Survey Protection” section.


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Q: Can I set a start/end date for my survey?

Yes, you can specify both the date and time for your survey to open and close.

  • Click on the survey name under My Projects
  • Click Survey Options
  • Check the box for ‘Survey Expiration’
  • Enter the start and end date/time for your survey.


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Q: Can I use Qualtrics to create a poll for my webpage?

Yes, you can create polls and add them to your webpage.

  • From the Polls Tab, click on the Create Poll button.
  • Give your poll a name.
  • In the “Choices” text box, type all the possible choices.
  • In the “Submit Button Text” box you may choose your own text for the submit button on your poll. The default text is “Submit,” however, you may customize it to match your specific poll.
  • In the “Answer Type” box, you may choose “Single Answer.” This only allows the respondent to select one answer. You may also choose “Multiple Answer,” which allows the user to select multiple choices.
  • After creation of the poll, you will see the option to view the results, view the look and feel, copy, or delete the poll.
  • Select “Save Changes” button found on the bottom right hand side of your screen to save changes.
  • To place the poll on your web site, click the large green Add This Poll to Your Website button. This will bring up a box with html code in it.
  • Copy the html code, and send it to us at along with the url of the page you want it added to. We will work with you to add the poll in your webpage.


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Q: Do survey responders have to take my survey in one sitting or can they return and finish at a later time?

If the respondent starts a survey, leaves, and comes back to the same browser, they will be able to continue where they left off.

  • Under the Partial Completion setting in Survey Options, you can chose how long to wait before partially completed surveys are closed and data is recorded.
  • The default time the system waits to collect responses is “After 1 week” but this can be changed to a different span of time or to not collect partial responses.
  • If you do collect partial responses, you can view them through a seperate section in the View Results tab.


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Q: When I download my survey results, instead of seeing my actual survey answers (yes/no for example), I am seeing values (1/0). How can I fix this?

When downloading your results, be sure to select the option to download “Answers as Labels”

  • From the Data & Analysis tab
  • Click on Export/Import
  • Choose Export Complete Data Set
  • Click on More Options on the CSV window
  • Download Data
  • Select Use Choice text

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Q: When I download my survey results, all of my questions and answers are listed in the first column. Can I get my results to be one row per response with the questions in the first row?

Yes - Make sure to use Download Data instead of downloading a report. To access the Download Data option:

  • From the Data & Analysis tab
  • Click on Export/Import
  • Choose Export Complete Data Set
  • Stay on the landing CSV window
  • Click on More Options
  • Select Use Choice text


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