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Student Printers: Windows

All members of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School community can print to any of the multifunction student printers located throughout the Law School. After sending your print job, go to any of the print stations and swipe/tap your PennCard. Select your print job from the screen and it will be printed at that printer.

Note: You will need to be on the AirPennNet network to print

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Install the “Law Student Printing” Queue

Before your can send print jobs to the Law School printers, you need to install the print queue on your laptop. 

  1. Look for the installer file you need from the link on this page: 
  2. Download the Law_Student_Printing_WINDOWS.exe file.
  3. Double-click the downloaded Law_Student_Printing_WINDOWS.exe file to install the new print queue. Follow the prompts to install the file.
  4. If prompted, accept the warning that appears saying that the file is from an Unknown Publisher.
  5. You may see the following prompts. Click More Info and then click Run anyway to continue installing the print queue.
  6. Once installed, “Law Student Printing” will show up as a printer on your computer. More info Run anyway

Sending Jobs to the Printers

  • You will need to be on the AirPennNet network to print.
  • After installing the print queue, you can print to the “Law Student Printing” printer on your computer.
    Print queue

  • IMPORTANT: After you send a job to the “Law Student Printing” print queue, a pop-up box will appear asking for your PennKey username. Be sure to type in just your username (and not your full email address). If you don’t do this step, your job will not be sent to the printer. Click the Print button. 
    Student Printing Queue Screenshot to Enter Username

Retrieving Your Printouts

After sending print jobs to the “Law Student Printing” queue, you can pickup your printouts at any of the print stations located throughout the Law School. Just swipe your PennCard to release the printouts.

  1. Press Logon and wait for the Please swipe your card prompt
  2. Swipe your PennCard with the stripe facing you
  3. Please be patient for the login
  4. Press Print Release, then choose the document you want to print and press Print

Advanced Settings

Quick Shortcuts: Single-sided, Double-sided, Stapled

  1. From the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Choose Printing Shortcuts.
    • General Everyday Printing: basic single-sided letter portrait orientation
    • Two-sided Duplex Printing: double-sided letter portrait orientation
    • Duplex, stapled: double-sided letter, portrait orientation, single angled staple.

Manual Print Tray for Resumes

  1. From the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Select the law-lab printer and choose Printer Properties.
  3. On the Paper/Quality tab, select Manually Feed in Tray 1 as your Paper Source.

Automatic Stapling

  1. From the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Choose Printing Shortcuts and verify your document orientation is correct (i.e. portrait or landscape).
  4. Choose Output.
    • Options: One staple vertical, One staple angled, Two staples, Three staples, Six staples.
    • Staples will print on the left column by default.
    • See image in top right corner of Output menu for how staples will be put in document.

General Notes

  • Powersave: The MFP units will go into sleep mode between 7:30PM and 7:30AM when idle. During this time select the Start button to initiate power up from sleep mode.
  • Reset: To logout of the printer. When beginning a new job or session select RESET to clear any settings changed in the previous session.
  • Feeding Paper: Face up in the feeder tray.
  • Manuals: Picture and Description of Printer Control Panel   and HP User Manual for Printer

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