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Universal Print

Universal Print is Microsoft’s next generation print solution and is integrated with your Law School computer. This new system makes it very easy to add a network printer and send jobs to it.

Universal print currently works with the Windows OS only. For Macs or the Seating Chart printer, please use Kite printing.

Setting up Universal Print on your Computer

  1. Open up the “Printers & Scanners” configuration page on your computer. You can type “printers” in the lower left search box on your computer to easily find it.
  2. Click + Add a printer or scanner (Windows 10)
    Universal Print Add a Printer Screenshot
    or Add device (Windows 11)
    universal print add device
  3. A list of printers will appear. The Universal print printers will say “Cloud printer” and feature a cloud icon.
    Universal Print Add a Printer Screenshot
    On Windows 11, make sure you see “Work or school” in the association options, and not Network to see the correct list.
    universal print printers
  4. If the printer does not immediately appear for you, click the option to “Search Universal Print for printers” and locate the printer that way.
    On Windows 11, enter keywords below the Work or school option.
    Universal Print Search for a Printer Screenshot
  5. Once you locate the printer you would like to add, click on the printer name and click the ‘Add device’ button.
    Universal Print Add a Printer Screenshot
  6. Once the printer has been added, it will show as ready. You can start sending jobs to the newly added printer right away.

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you are sending to the cloud printer (and not the existing printer). The existing printers are labeled as

An easy way to avoid this is to delete the old configured printer. Just locate it on the printers & scanner interface and click on it. Then click remove device.

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