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Troubleshooting Printers

Network Printers

When experiencing a jam in one of the multifunction network printers, the on screen instructions will guide you through the process. See below for some common places to look for jams. If you clear a jam that is in a big job, then you will have to trace along the path before the jam and clear any paper sitting there.

HP Laserjet 9050

Output paper path open

This means the left accessory is not attached correctly, try to make sure the metal bar locks into place.

Jam in left accessory

  • Jam in the duplexer, open left door and slide out duplexer
  • Jam in the fuser, very hot! Paper sometimes folds up and sits in there
  • Paper can also slide under tray 3, remove the tray and remove the paper

Jam behind front door

  • Paper stuck under toner, remove the toner to see if paper is jammed underneath
  • Paper stuck in the fuser or side roller, open front door and turn green knobs toward each other to find stuck paper

Jam in right door

  • Paper is stuck right inside the right door, open door and remove
  • Paper is stuck in the input path, you can access via a small door at the bottom right

HP Laserjet 4345

Jam in Document Feeder

Open up the top to see if any paper is jammed

Jam in Fuser

These jams are generally difficult to clear. Please contact ITS at (215) 898-9140.

Desk-side printers

  • Open the printer door, remove the toner, and remove any stuck paper
  • If the light is still flashing, press the green button on the printer
  • Call ITS at (215) 898-9140 (Staff) or (215) 898-2589 (Faculty) if printing does not resume

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