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Student Printers: For Standing Faculty and Staff

Note: Adjunct faculty members should contact the Faculty Support Staff with any printing needs.

Install the Student law-lab Queue for Windows

  1. Hold the Windows key and press the R key to bring up the Run dialogue box.
  2. Type \\stuprinters\law-lab\ and press Enter.

Install the Student law-lab Queue for Mac

To add the student printer to your office Mac, download and run the Mac OS Student Printer script.

Retrieving Your Printouts

After installing, you can send print jobs to the new law-lab printer on your computer. You can pickup your printouts at any of the print stations located throughout the Law School. Just swipe your PennCard to release the printouts.

Faculty and staff are not charged for print jobs sent to the student printers.

  1. Press Logon and wait for the Please swipe your card prompt
  2. Swipe your PennCard with the stripe facing you
  3. Please be patient for the login
  4. Press Print Release, then choose the document you want to print and press Print.

Printer Panel

Scanning & Copying

You can also scan or copy from any of the student printers using your PennCard. When scanning, you will need to use the Scan to Email function. Scan to Folder is only enabled for your department scanner.

Latest Tips

  • The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction, also known as CALI, provides online interactive tutorials on various legal subjects.  Tutorials are authored by law faculty and peer reviewed by a member of the CALI Editorial Board.  Here is information on how to create an account and access the materials.
  • With so many digital tools that require passwords, it’s difficult to create memorable passwords that are both unique and hard to guess. Use LastPass to get control of your passwords for National Cyber Security Awareness Month!