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S127 Color Printer

The S127 office is home to a high-speed color multifunction printer. All faculty and staff are able to print using the s127-color queue that appears when logging into the printing PC located in S127.


S-127, for those not familiar with the room, is an auxiliary room to the Faculty Support Staff. It is located in the faculty hallway just east of the Faculty Lounge.

Install the s127-color Printer

Special Paper Types

When printing on special paper, you should use the printing PC located in S127. When printing, choose Manual Tray 1 and place the paper face down with the top of the page facing away from the printer.

Printing Shortcuts

Click File > Print > Printer Properties to choose from the following printing shortcuts.

  • General Everyday Printing: single-sided, letter, portrait orientation
  • Two-sided (Duplex) Printing: double-sided, letter, portrait orientation
  • Duplex, stapled: double-sided, letter, portrait orientation, stapled

Scanning & Copying

When using the Automatic Document Feeder, place originals face up with the top to the left. Choose Save to USB to scan directly to as USB key.

Latest Tips

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