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Special Printing Accounts

Some students, like faculty research assistants CSR members, require special printing and copying access at the Law School.

How to use your Special Printing Account

  1. Press Logon, then swipe your Penncard.
  2. Please wait for authentication then choose your billing account:
    • Choose the special printing account listed, for example Faculty RA for an RA account. Then press OK.
    • Press Charge to Personal Account to select your personal printing credit. This includes your semester allowance and PennCash. Then Press OK.
  3. Use printer functions (printing/copying/e-mailing) as normal.
  4. To change your billing account, press Change Billing. This will return you to step 2.
  5. When you are finished, Press Exit, then Logout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a balance associated with my special printing account?
No, these accounts simply track your activity on the account. When a high volume alert is triggered, ITS passes this on to the appropriate faculty or administrative staff member.

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