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Student Printers: Overview

There are multi-function printers available throughout the Law School complex (View a list of the printer locations). Printing is .03/page double-sided (.06 cents total for both sides of a sheet) and .05/page single-sided for Black & White printing. Color printing is .38/page double-sided and .40/page single sided. Students can add money (PennCash) on their PennCards to use on the Law School’s printers. To add money to your PennCard, please visit


Student Group/Journal Printing

The Special print account is available for Penn Carey Law students, for approved group and programs including TPIC Pro-Bono, Journals, and Student Groups. You may use this account to print without it affecting your personal print account. You may not use the Special account for your personal, academic, class reading, research, assignments, resumes, career planning, clerkships, papers and other personal printing.

All Special printing is authenticated when you swipe your card, will be tracked, and use will be audited. Please check with your group or instructor to be sure you are authorized to use the Special account before you use it to print.

Using the Multi-function Printer & Scanner Stations

Install the Print Queue on your laptop

Before using the Law School printers, you will need to follow the instructions below to install the print queue on your laptop. 

Windows Printer instructions

Mac Printer instructions


Releasing a Print Job

Once you have setup the printers on your laptop and sent your documents to the printer, you will then need to go to one of the multi-function stations located through out the Law School to release your print job. (View a list of the printer locations). 

You need to wave or tap your card on the card reader before you can print, copy, or scan on these printers.

Before you wave your card next to the NFC reader, you’ll see this screen:

locked printer screen


Wave your card next to the NFC reader. The card reader will beep and show a green light when it’s successfully read your card. Then you’ll see this screen: 

printer after logging in


To release a print job, select Print Release. You’ll see the available jobs to release:

choose release job


Select the job and choose Print:

select print job


To copy, wave your card next to the NFC reader to login and choose the Copy icon. Then choose Copy in the bottom right corner of the screen:



To scan, wave your card next to the NFC reader to login and choose the Scan icon. Type your your email into the To text box and choose Send in the bottom right corner of the screen:




Please also note the following:

  • A page is one print side.
  • By default all documents are set to print duplex. You can change this from the Print menu on your computer.
  • Printing prices: Black and White Duplex prints are charged a fee of $0.03/page (.06 cents total for both sides of a sheet). Simplex prints are $.05/page.
  • Color Printing Prices: Color prints are charge a fee of $0.38/page for Duplex printing, and $0.40/page Simplex.
  • To setup and use the printers, visit our Windows or Mac guide.
  • To use the scanning or copying functions, visit our Scanning & Copying guide.
  • Color printing is also available!

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