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Student Printers: Overview

Printing for the Fall 2020 Term

Given that students will have unpredictable and possibly restricted access to the Law School’s printers, there will be no PennCard print credits this fall. Instead, all JD and LLM students will receive a $120 credit to the learning support fee on their tuition bills to offset their personal printing expenses. ML students will receive $40 credit. Students may choose to add money (PennCash) on their PennCards to use on the Law School’s printers, but we are not able to guarantee consistent printer access. (To add money to your PennCard, please visit

Course Packs
The Law School will provide free course packs by request for any class for which the professor has elected to create them. Course packs will be mailed to students or available for pickup at designated times.

Student Group/Journal Printing
Because student groups and journals will not have access to the Special Printing account this semester, we have contracted with Campus Copy to allow authorized groups to use their on-site printing at no cost to them.

We will share more details as to how to request course packs and use Campus Copy services closer to the start of the semester.

Using the Multi-function Stations

Once you have setup the printers for your laptop (view our Windows and Mac setup guides) and sent your documents to the printer, you will then need to go to one of the multi-function stations located through out the Law School to release your print job. (View a list of the printer locations)

From the touch screen, select either “Printing” or “Copying”:

Swipe your PennCard to release your job:

At this point, you will be prompted to select which account to charge the job to. Select personal account for your individual printing needs. If you are printing on behalf of a student group/journal/TPIC Pro-Bono and received approval, you may use the Special printing account.


Please also note the following:

  • A page is one print side.
  • By default all documents are set to print duplex. You can change this from the Print menu on your computer.
  • Printing prices: Duplex prints are charged a fee of $0.08/page (16 cents total for both sides of a sheet). Simplex prints are .09/page.
  • Any unused free pages will not be carried over to the next semester.
  • Your PennCash balance is separate and will not be affected by the resetting of the semester balance.
  • When your semester balance is depleted, subsequent printing and copying will be charged to your PennCash. This is clearly indicated at the touch panel.
  • To setup and use the printers, visit our Windows or Mac guide.
  • To use the scanning or copying functions, visit our Scanning & Copying guide.
  • Color printing is also available!

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