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Student Printers: Mac

All members of the Penn Law community can print to any of the multifunction student printers located throughout the Law School. All student printers share the same print queue. After sending your print job, go to any of the print stations and swipe your Penn Card. Select your print job from the screen and it will be printed at that printer.

On this page you will find…

Install the law-lab Queue

To setup the student printers on a Mac, download and run the Mac OS Add Print Queue script.

For Mac OS Sierra users: Please download this version of the Add Print Queue script.

Problems Installing?

Mac Error

  • If you receive the error message below, you need to change your Security & Privacy Settings.
  • To change this setting:
    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Click Security & Privacy
    3. Click on the Lock icon in the bottom left corner
    4. Enter your administrator password and click OK
    5. Under the General tab, set the bottom option to Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere

Printing to the law-lab Queue

The first time you print to law-lab, you will need to authenticate with your LawKey.

  1. After printing a document to law-lab, click the Printer Icon that starts bouncing on your dock.
  2. Click the Resume button.
  3. When prompted to login, enter your LawKey username prefixed with NET\ (for example, NET\joesmith) and your LawKey password. Select Remember this password in my keychain and click OK.

Retrieving Your Printouts

After installing, you can send print jobs to the new law-lab printer on your computer. You can pickup your printouts at any of the print stations located throughout the Law School. Just swipe your PennCard to release the printouts.

  1. Press Logon and wait for the Please swipe your card prompt
  2. Swipe your PennCard with the stripe facing you
  3. Please be patient for the login
  4. Press Print Release, then choose the document you want to print and press Print

Printing Double-sided

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Select “Printers & Scanners”.
  3. Select “law-lab-color” printer.
  4. Click on “Options & Supplies”.
  5. Click on the “Options” tab.
  6. Check the “Duplex Unit” check box.
  7. Click “OK”.

Manual Print Tray for Resumes

  1. From the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Click Show Details (if available).
  3. Choose Layout from the Copies & Pages or Program drop-down menu.
  4. Set All Pages From to Tray 1 (Manual).

Automatic Stapling

  1. From the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Click Show Details (if available).
  3. Choose Finishing from the Copies & Pages or Program drop-down menu.
  4. Set your stapling preferences.

General Notes

  • Powersave: The MFP units will go into sleep mode between 7:30PM and 7:30AM when idle. During this time select the Start button to initiate power up from sleep mode.
  • Reset: To logout of the printer. When beginning a new job or session select RESET to clear any settings changed in the previous session.
  • Feeding Paper: Face up in the feeder tray.

Links to Manuals

Latest Tips

  • The Box team recently announced a new and improved, more personalized user experience with interface changes and backend improvements. Read on for more details
  • This year a new Special print account is being added for all Penn Law students. This account is to be used when printing for approved group and programs. All other printing remains the same, please read on for more details.