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Student Printers: Locations

All printing, photocopying, and scanning needs for students are met by multifunction stations located throughout the Law School.



  • Silverman Ground floor


  • Gittis 1st floor, by the stairs


  • Tanenbaum 1st floor, outside T145
  • Tanenbaum 2nd floor, in the library gateway
  • Tanenbaum 2nd floor, in the journal suite (Limited to Journal Students)
  • Tanenbaum 3rd floor
  • Tanenbaum 4th floor, outside of study room T411

Color Printers

A color printer is available on the 1st floor of Gittis Hall, by the stairs. 

  • IMPORTANT: In order to use the color printers, you need to install and print to Law Student Color Printing instead of Law Student Printing.

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