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Faculty & Staff: Network Printers (Mac Users)

Adding Network Printers 

IMPORTANT!!: If you are remote (not at the Law School), you need to be connected to Penn’s GlobalProtect VPN before proceeding.

Step 1: Add the Printer

  • Navigate to System Preferences, Printers and Scanners, click the + icon to add a printer
  • Click Advanced and configure settings: (if you do no see the advanced tool in the title bar, right click in the toolbar, click Customize ToolBar and drag the advanced tool to the toolbar)
  • Type: Windows printer via spoolss
  • URL: smb://
  • Name: printername
  • Use: Select Software (find the printer model)
  • Add the printer

Frequently Used Printers

Printer Name Model (for “Select Software”)
clinic-sg29a HP LaserJet flow MFP M830
clinic-sg95 HP LaserJet flow MFP M830
comm-t110-color HP Color LaserJet flow MFP M880
fss-gk239 HP LaserJet flow MFP M830
fss-gk239-color HP Color LaserJet CM4540 MFP
fss-s127  HP Color LaserJet flow MFP M880
fss-s145-front HP LaserJet flow MFP M830
fss-s145-rear HP LaserJet 9040 9050 MFP
fss-s146-color HP Color LaserJet CM4540 MFP
fss-s162 HP Color LaserJet MFP M680

Note: If you don’t see your printer listed here, email and we can assist.

Step 2: Authenticate with your PennKey
  • After printing a document to printer, click the Printer Icon that starts bouncing on your dock
  • When prompted to login, enter the following credentials - Username: KITE\PennKey (fill in your PennKey username) Password: Your PennKey password
  • If you receive a “hold for authentication” error, cancel print job, send document to printer again and repeat above step

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