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Clinic Student Printing

Students enrolled in a clinical course will be able to send clinic related print jobs to any of the student MFP printers located throughout the Law School. Clinic related print jobs can be charged to the clinic cost center. Directions are below.  


  • Step 1: Be sure you have the Penn Law student printing queue installed on your laptop.
    (view our Windows and Mac setup guides)

  • Step 2: Send your clinic related documents to the Penn Law student printing queue.

  • Step 3: Go to any of the Student Printers to release your job.
    There is a list here: 
    Printers are also located in the Clinic and Clinic Annex.

  • Step 4: Swipe or tap your card at the printer to release your print job.

  • Step 5: As a student enrolled in a clinic, you will see an option to print to your personal account or to charge to a cost center. Select Cost Center.

  • Step 6: Select the document to print or select print all.

  • Full instructions on using the Student MFP printers is available at 

Be sure to sign out of the printer when you are finished.


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