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PennKey Two-Step Authentication

Two-step (two-factor, multifactor) authentication further secures your accounts. Instead of just logging on with your normal username and password, you will also enter in a secure, unique code sent to you via smartphone application or text.


Go here for more information on PennKey Two-Step Authentication.


Setting up PennKey Two-Step Authentication

1. Install an authenticator application on your mobile device like Google Authenticator (used in this example).

2. Log into PennKey Two-Step Portal and select Opt in.



3. Add a new application to your authenticator application.



4. You can choose to scan the QR barcode or type in the alphanumeric key into your application.


5. Add PennKey authentication to your application by scanning the QR image or typing in the code into your authenticator application.


6. Enter the six digits from your authentication app and select Test and continue.


7. Success!


Trust This Browser

If you’ve chosen to trust this browser, the login page will not ask for your two-step authentication password if you’ve logged in at least once in the past thirty days.

You can untrust browsers from your Manage Settings page.


One Time Use Passwords

Single use passwords can be used to log in with two-step authentication when you do not have access to your phone and authentication application. Make sure the store the generated codes in a safe place. Generate your codes from the PennKey Two-Step Manage Settings page.


Phone a Friend

You can authorize another member of the University of Pennsylvania community to opt you out of PennKey Two-Step Authentication. If you lose access to your phone or authentication application, your friend can turn off PennKey Two-Step Authentication on your account and allow you to access accounts that use your PennKey login.

Adding a Friend to Your Account

1. Navigate to the PennKey Two-Step Manage Settings page.


2. Choose Profile.


3. Search for a friend and Submit.


Helping a Friend Access Their Account

1. Navigate to the PennKey Two-Step Manage Settings page.

2. Go to Help a friend.


3. If your friend has authorized you to opt them out of two-step verification, a button will appear on this page allowing you to opt them out.


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