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How To Access Panopto Recordings on Canvas


To access course recordings on Canvas, follow these instructions:


1. Navigate to your Canvas Course:



2. Select “Panopto Recordings” on the left column:

3. The first time you log into the “Panopto Recordings” page, Panopto will ask you to “authorize.” Clicking “authorize” allows Panopto to use your Canvas credentials to grant you access to courses recordings for classes in which you are registered. Click the “remember my authorization for this service,” to avoid seeing this message in the future.


4. All recordings that are available to students appear here: 


5. If you are an administrator, and have access to “Private” recordings, click the “Private Recordings” link. 

NOTE: To send a private recording to a student, please see these instructions, or contact Faculty Support




6. Panopto Recordings load in a new window:

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