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Word 2010

Getting Help in Microsoft Word

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ITS provides full eBooks for all Faculty, Staff, and Students. Get started by taking a look at Microsoft Word 2010 Plain & Simple Password Required for visual, step-by-step guides on all of Word's major features.

Online Resources

All of Microsoft's help resources are also available online. Visit Microsoft's Help and How-to Site to get started.

Microsoft Online Training Courses

Microsoft offers a series of 15-60 minute online training courses that can be completed from your desk at your own pace. Most trainings have an audio component, so be sure to wear headphones or turn up your speakers.

Reference Cards: All trainings also include a convenient reference card that covers all of the topics from the training. Direct links are available in the table below.

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Course What You'll Learn Additional
Make the switch to Word 2010
  • Adapt from Word 2003 or earlier to Word 2010
  • New features in Word 2010
Reference Card Test Yourself
Create your first Word Document (Part I)
  • Create your first document in Word 2010
  • Fix spelling errors
  • Create a list
  • Change styles and emphasis
  • Save your work
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Create your first Word Document (Part II)
  • Move around in the document
  • Use formatting marks
  • Move text with Cut and Paste
  • Change line spacing and alignment
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Use the Navigation Pane
  • View all of your document's headings and pages in a clear, top-to-bottom format
  • Locate and restructure chunks of content just by dragging headings
  • Find all instances of sepcific words, phrases, or items such as figures and tables
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Office 2010 Security: Protecting your files
  • Message bars can alert you to useful information and potential problems with your files
  • Security messages bars can provide the opportunity to consider the ptotential security risks that may be in your files
  • Open or read a file while reducing the inherent risks
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Create visually compelling documents in Word 2010
  • Word 2010 can assist you in designing your information so that it really stands out
  • Be your own graphic designer and get your text and images noticed
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