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Teams for Faculty, Staff, and Students:
Teams is available for Penn Carey Law faculty and staff as well as students enrolled in a Penn Carey Law degree program. To access Teams, visit the Penn Carey Law Office 365 Portal at and click on “Teams” or go directly to where you will also have the option to download a desktop version of the app.

How do I request a Teams Site?
Staff, faculty, and student groups/journals may request a Teams site via our Service Catalog
(For student groups/journals, the request should come from the group President/Co-President or Journal EIC/ME.)

What is Teams?

  • Teams is a hub for collaboration in Office 365 that brings together people, conversations and content—along with the tools that teams need.

  • Communicate through chat, online meetings, and calls.

  • Collaborate together with integrated Office 365 apps. Coauthor and share files using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

  • Use Microsoft Teams on your desktop, on the web, or on your iOS or Android mobile device.

  • More information/mobile app download:


Guides/Tutorials You’ll Learn How to
Microsoft: Teams Video Training
  • Intro to Teams
  • Setup and customize your team
  • Collaborate in teams and channels
  • Work with posts and messages
  • Start chats and calls
LinkedIn Learning: Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks
  • Helpful commands keyboard shortcuts
  • Using Teams as the hub for all of your Office 365 apps
  • Leveraging different communication options
  • Working with bots and messaging apps
YouTube: Microsoft 365 - Teams
  • Productive Meeting tips
  • Working from home with Microsoft Teams
  • Collaborate on projects in Microsoft Teams
Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams
  • Explore teams and channels in Teams
  • Learn how to use apps in Teams
  • Learn how to take Teams to the next level
  • Master working from home with Teams


Student Group Teams Sites - Expiration Policy

Please note that we’ve set up automatic expiration on Student Group Teams sites. Every 180 days, Team site owners will receive an automated email from Office 365 asking one of you to confirm that you’re still actively using the Team site. Team owners have 30 days to click a link in the email to confirm that the Team is still in use. You’ll receive a 30 day, 15 day, and one day email notice before the Teams site is deleted. It is possible to restore the Teams site for 30 days after the deletion. 

It is the responsibility of the Team site owners to add new owners after they are no longer affiliated with the student group.

The expiration notification will look like the example below. Microsoft has more information about Teams expiration here.


Teams FAQ

Do I need to be a member of a “Team” to use Teams?

Can people outside of the Law School use Teams?

  • Yes - you can invite guests to meetings by adding their email address to a meeting invitation or by forwarding the meeting details. (Guests will have to be manually admitted to meetings using the lobby by default but this setting can be changed before your meeting)

  • External guests can also be added to a specific Team by emailing your request to (they will be required to use or create a Microsoft account in order to access the Team)

How do I request a Teams Site?

  • Staff, faculty, and student groups and journals may request a Teams site via our Service Catalog.

  • For student groups and journals, the request should come from the group President/Co-President or Journal EIC/ME.


More Information

Office 365 Learning Center for Business and Education

Teams downloadable guide

Latest Tips

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