Office 365: OneDrive

What is OneDrive?

  • Part of Office 365, OneDrive is a cloud-based location for staff/faculty to store files.

  • By default, your files are private unless you decide to share them.

  • Sync files across all your devices and access them anytime or anywhere.

  • Share files and collaborate in real time.


To access your OneDrive files via a web browser, login to the Penn Law Office 365 Portal (using your email address and LawKey password) at and click on OneDrive.

OneDrive is also integrated in Windows 10 and will appear as a location in your File Browser on your office computer.



Guides / Tutorials :                                          You’ll Learn How to :


OneDrive Basics
  • Use the OneDrive for Business navigation pane, file list, and toolbar to view and work with your files
Uploading Files and Folders
  • Upload files so you can access them from anywhere or device.
Create Files and Folders
  • Create new files and folders.
Lynda: OneDrive for Business Essential Training Topics include:
  • Uploading files and folders
  • Renaming, copying, downloading, and deleting files
  • Using OneDrive with Microsoft Office
  • Sharing files
  • Working on files simultaneously with coworkers




More Information

Office 365 Learning Center for Business and Education

Latest Tips

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