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Lync 2010

What's New in Lync 2010

Lync 2010 adds powerful new conferencing and webinar features in a clean and easy to use interface. For a short video introduction to what's new, please click the play button below. The picture features won't be available on day-one, but we hope to bring them to you soon!

What has Changed in Lync 2010

Lync has added powerful new conferencing features and rearranged some interface elements to make room. Visit the Where do I find familiar tasks in Lync 2010 guide to see the old and new interfaces, side-by-side. Below is an excerpt:

Show Your Law Directory Photo in Lync

You can have your Law Directory photo appear in Lync and Outlook. To get setup, please visit our Update Your Law Directory Photo page.

Microsoft Lync 2010 Training Courses

Visit the following Microsoft training courses sites for tutorials on using Lync 2010 for online meetings

CourseWhat You'll Learn
Scheduling a Lync 2010 Online Meetings
  • Schedule a meeting using default options for optimized experience.
  • Schedule a meeting on behalf of another user.
Joining a Lync 2010 Online Meeting
  • Call into a meeting as a leader or participant.
  • Join a meeting from your computer with Lync 2010.

For additional videos on advanced topics, visit Microsoft's Lync 2010 support page. Click Lync 2010 on the left hand side and a list of helpful videos will be displayed.

Lync 2010 Videos

For your convenience ITS has collected a number of these videos here, which will help you learn more about what you can do with Lync. The PennNet phone system does not allow Lync to interact with the 10-digit dialing phone system, so those features will be unavailable.

What so Amazing About Lync 2010?Share your Desktop Using Lync 2010

Select a video and click play to start watching.


Making Audio Calls

Answer A CallMake A Call

Creating and Joining a Meeting

Schedule A Typical MeetingSchedule A Meeting for a Large Audience
Customize Your Meeting OptionsJoin a Meeting Using Lync Attendee

Latest Tips

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