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Excel 2010

Getting Help in Microsoft Excel

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Excel 2010 eBooks Microsoft Excel 2010 Plain & Simple

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ITS provides full eBooks for all Faculty, Staff, and Students. Get started by taking a look at Microsoft Excel 2010 Plain & Simple Password Required for visual, step-by-step guides on all of Excel’s major features.

Online Resources

All of Microsoft’s help resources are also available online. Visit Microsoft’s Help and How-to Site to get started.

Microsoft Online Training Courses

Microsoft offers a series of 15-60 minute online training courses that can be completed from your desk at your own pace. Most trainings have an audio component, so be sure to wear headphones or turn up your speakers.

Reference Cards: All trainings also include a convenient reference card that covers all of the topics from the training. Direct links are available in the table below.

Already know the topics below? Click the Test Yourself links to make sure you’re not missing anything!

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Course What You’ll Learn Additional Resources
Getting started with Excel 2010
  • Initial steps if you have never used Excel
  • Initial steps if upgrading from Excel 2003 or earlier
  • New Features
  • New Menu’s
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Office 2010 Security: Protecting your files
  • Message bars can alert you to useful information and potential problems with your files
  • Security messages bars can provide the opportunity to consider the ptotential security risks that may be in your files
  • Open or read a file while reducing the inherent risks
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Get to know Excel 2010: Create your first spreadsheet
  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Do basic math
  • Add and delete columns and rows
  • Keep column titles in sight as you scroll
  • Prepare a spreadsheet for printing
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Get to know Excel 2010: Create formulas
  • Make formulas update automatically
  • Use predefined formulas called functions that do things like calculate the amount of monthly payments
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VLOOKUP: What it is, and when to use it
  • Use VLOOKUP to look up a value you want to find in an Excel list or table
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Understand data at a glance with conditional formatting
  • Make certain data stand out
  • Help analyze data
  • Identify patterns and trends
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Sparklines: Use tiny charts to show data trends
  • Add tiny charts next to data to give readers a picture of what the data means
  • Make it easy to spot patterns and trends
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