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Getting Help in Microsoft Excel

Help you need is built right into Excel!

Click the question mark icon in the top right corner of Microsoft Excel to search for solutions to your problems, training, and more.

Online Resources

All of Microsoft’s help resources are also available online. Visit Microsoft’s Help and How-to Site to get started.

Microsoft Online Training Courses

Microsoft offers a series of 15-60 minute online training courses that can be completed from your desk at your own pace. Most trainings have an audio component, so be sure to wear headphones or turn up your speakers.

View a complete list of training courses

Don’t have headphones? Email ITS Help.

Course What You’ll Learn

Get Started 

  • Create a new workbook from scratch or use one of the many templates provided in Excel
  • Add and organize sheets in your workbook

Design Workbooks

  • Print preview
  • Hide/Unhide Columns
  • Freeze top and left panes for easier data viewing
  • Move or copy worksheets within a workbook or between different workbooks 
  • Use themes to give your document style and personality

Use AutoFill and Flash Fill 

  • Use the Auto Fill and Flash Fill features to avoid repetitive manual entries
Use Excel as your calculator 
  • Basic math operations
  • How to use Autosum
  • Copying formulas between cells

Use formulas and functions

  • Create formulas
  • Name cells and ranges
  • Fix formula errors by tracing dependencies
  • Explore available functions
  • Calculations using functions 

Add and format charts

  • Choose and create the right type of chart for your data

Create a drop-down list 

  • Drop-down lists and settings
  • Input and error messages
  • Manage drop-down lists

Lynda Training Courses

Course What You’ll Learn
Migrating from Office 2013 to Office 2016 
Includes an overview of the new features and improvements to Office 2016, including the cleaner & simplified interface, Touch mode, better cloud integration, security and collaboration features. The course then steps through the crucial new features in each of the major applications—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks 

Fast-track your routine tasks and learn new ways to approach your work in Excel.
Topics include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Dragging and dropping data
  • Navigating workbooks quickly
  • Using split-screens
  • Performing calculations without formulas
Excel 2016 Essential Training 

Learn how to enter and organize data, create formulas and functions, build charts and PivotTables, and use other powerful Excel 2016 features.

Topics include:

  • Enter and organize data
  • Perform calculations with simple functions
  • Work with multiple worksheets,
  • Format the appearance of your data
  • Build charts and PivotTables
  • Use functions
  • Sort and analyze your data
  • Use macros

Excel 2016: Macros in Depth 

Learn how macros can be used to automate tasks in Excel.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding macros security
  • Running macros
  • Using Visual Basic Applications (VBA) to program macros
  • Recording macros
  • Sharing macros between worksheets
  • Joining macros
  • Streamlining macros 

Excel 2016: Data Validation in Depth 

Learn how to use Excel’s data validation tools to control how users enter data into workbooks. 

Topics include:

  • Controlling numeric input
  • Using the input message box
  • Setting up pick lists for quick, error-free input
  • Creating multitiered pick lists
  • Setting date and time limitations
  • Limiting text length
  • Requiring entries to be unique

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