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The Law School Notices tool allows faculty, staff, and students to submit short announcements for distribution via email to targeted audiences. Notices may also appear on the Goat Intranet site on both the homepage and the Notices page as well as the Community Boards. Notices are distributed in digest form, and deliveries are scheduled once a day at 6:00AM. Below are instructions/information related to the Notices interface. For additional questions, please contact ITS Web at


  Submitting a New Notice

Click the ‘Submit a new notice’ link on the Notices Homepage to create a new notice.

Create a New Notice

This will open the ‘Submit a New Notice’ form.


The form contains the following fields:

Your Email Address When you submit your notice for distribution, a confirmation email is sent to this address. This address will NOT appear on the notice itself.
Send Announcement To Choose the target audience of your notice.
Display on Goat Homepage Select “Display on Goat Notices” to have your notice appear on the Goat homepage and notices page.
From Name/Organization If you are submitting the notice on behalf of an organization or third party, enter that here. Otherwise, enter your name.
Subject Enter a short and descriptive summary of the notice, similar to a subject line in an email announcement.
Delivery Dates Select the dates/times that you would like your notice to be delivered. Dates must be entered in the mm/dd/yyyy format. The default date/time is the nearest delivery possible. Please limit to a total of 3 delivery dates/times per notice.
Contact Email Address It is required to provide a contact email address for your notice.
URL of Related Website Specify an optional related link to attach to your notice.
Notice Category Select a single category for the notice. (General, Events, Deadlines/News, Resources)
Notice Tags Specify multiple tags per notice.
Text of Notice Enter the text of your notice here. Please be brief and informative. You will be limited to 4000 characters and can use the counter to keep track.


You will also have the option to display your notice on the Community Boards located throughout the Law School. Be sure to check the box ‘Display notice on the Community Board’ and enter both an abbreviated subject and text for your notice.


When you have finished filling in the required fields, you have two options: ‘Attach Files Related to the Notice’ OR ’ Skip File Attachment to Review your Notice’. Clicking on ‘Skip File Attachment/Review My Notice’ will take you to the ‘Review/Submit Your Notice’ page, while clicking on ‘Attach Files Related to this Notice’ will take you to the ‘Attach Files Related to this Notice’ page.


  Attaching Files Related to Your Notice

You may attach one or more files related to your notice on this page. The files you attach here will be accessible via a link that is automatically provided on your notice, as ‘Related File(s)’. There is no limit on the number of files that you can attach. However, each file can have a maximum size of 1MB, and cannot be executable (i.e. cannot have extensions such as .exe, .bat, etc.). Files can be attached one at a time, by using the form provided on the page.

To attach a file:

  • Click the ‘Browse’ button to locate the file on your computer
  • Enter a File Description — this will serve as the link name to your file (e.g. Event Flyer)
  • Click the Upload File button



As soon as you attach a file, it should appear in a list at the top of the page. You may also remove/delete an attached file by clicking on the ‘Remove’ button provided alongside each file-name.


When you are done attaching files, click on ‘Done Attaching Files (Review Notice)’ to review your notice.


  Reviewing/Submitting Your Notice

At this point, your notice has been saved but not yet submitted. You will be able to review your notice and select from one of three options:

  1. If you are ready to submit your notice for distribution, click the ‘Submit Notice’ button. Note: notices must be submitted by noon of the previous business day. Please keep in mind that notices submitted after noon on Friday will not be reviewed/approved until Monday morning.
  2. If you need to make changes to your notice, click the ‘Edit Notice Again’ button.
  3. If you wish to edit your notice at a later time, click the ‘Exit (Submit Later)’ button. You will be redirected back to the Notices Homepage and will see your notice listed under ‘Edit Saved Notices’



Once you submit your notice, you will receive an email confirmation.


  Understanding the Notices Homepage

In addition to being able to submit a new notice, you will also see notices that you have already created on your Notices homepage. These notices are grouped into 2 main categories:

  • Saved Notices: These consist of notices that you have created but not yet submitted for distribution. You may view, edit, submit or delete these notices. Notices must be submitted by noon of the previous business day. Please keep in mind that notices submitted after noon on Friday will not be reviewed/approved until Monday morning.


  • Submitted Notices:These are notices that you have submitted for distribution. There are 4 subcategories under Submitted Notices.
    • In Distribution: These are notices that have been approved and are currently in queue for distribution (Note: faculty/staff notices are automatically approved.) The column ‘For Distribution On’, lists all the dates/times that deliveries have been scheduled for. Deliveries that have already been made are shown in gray and are also listed under the Distributed subcategory. If a notice has not been sent out yet, you have the ability to delete it. If it has been delivered at least once before, you have the option to Cancel Further Delivery. If you are a faculty/staff member, you will also have the option to edit notices that are in distribution. However, if the notice has been delivered at least once, you will not be able to remove past delivery dates or any attached files.
    • Pending Approval: Notices submitted by students must be approved by an administrator prior to distribution. All notices pending approval will be listed under this category.
    • Distributed: These consist of notices that have been delivered at least once. Depending on whether these notices have finished their delivery cycle, or are still in distribution, you may either cancel further delivery or edit for resubmission.
    • Not Distributed: These are the notices that were never distributed, as they may not have been approved by an administrator. You may delete or edit for resubmission such notices.



  Editing a Notice for Resubmission

This action can be performed on notices whose delivery dates have all expired. In this case, such notices can be resubmitted. This essentially means that the notice can be duplicated in all respects, except for the delivery dates. Click the ‘Edit for Resubmission’ link to edit your notice. Make any necessary changes and select new delivery dates/times.

Below is an example of the form that will appear when you choose to edit an older notice for resubmission.


When you are done editing the notice details, you will have the option to include any attached files that were related your original notice by clicking the ‘Attach Files Related to this Notice’ button at the bottom of the page. This will open the File Attachment page where you will be provided with an option to copy the original files to your new notice. To copy the original files, click the ‘Copy Files for Current Notice’ button. Else, click the ‘Do Not Copy Files’ button. You may also attach new files as well.


When you are finished, click the ‘Done Attaching Files (Review Notice)’ button, which will allow you to review and submit your notice.


  Deleting/Cancelling a Notice

You may delete a notice or cancel all further delivery depending on the sent status of your notice. Please note the following:

  • If a notice has never been delivered, you may delete the notice entirely.
  • If a notice is in distribution and has been delivered at least once, you may cancel further delivery of the notice.
  • If a notice has been delivered on all scheduled dates, you may neither delete nor cancel the notice (However, you may edit it for resubmission)


On choosing to delete a notice, you will be asked to confirm your action. When you confirm the delete operation, the notice will be completely removed and you will no longer have access to it. Below is the confirmation page that will appear when you choose to delete a notice.


The screen shot below shows a confirmation page for the option to ‘Cancel Further Delivery’ of a notice. When you confirm this operation, all future delivery dates will be removed from the schedule.



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