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Livewhale Upgrade

The LiveWhale CMS will be upgraded to the latest version (1.6) on Friday, August 26.


Several new features will be available in version 1.6 including:

Cropping Embedded Images

  • Choose an image to insert on a page through the add image button
  • Click on the green “crop image” button and use one of the presets or manually crop the image by dragging the borders around the part that needs to be cropped.
  • Click on “set crop” to finalize your cropped view.
  • Click “add image” to add it on the page
  • Note: Both resize (adjust height and width proportionally with no cropping) and/or crop (manually cut out parts of the image) functions can be done on an image, the original uploaded image will stay as is and can always be readjusted without loss of quality.


Adding Page Anchors

  • Click the cursor where the anchor link should jump to on the page (usually the beginning of a subsection heading) and click on the anchor buttonand name the anchor space (this will show up in the url bar so having it match part of the heading would work best).
  • Select the word(s) that will form the anchor/jump link, click on the link button and choose “link to an anchor on this page” in the link dropdown menu options and choose the relevant anchor name in the dropdown menu below it and click “make this link”.
  • Note: The anchor name can be changed by clicking on the anchor icon and clicking on the selected anchor button again, but make sure to relink the previous anchor link since that will not update automatically.


Adding Forms Inside Events

  • Create a form in the relevant group under the Forms tab
  • Create or edit an existing event and on the Event Description edit bar, click more options 
  • Choose Form from the dropdown menu and select the form name on the options that show up on the right and insert.
  • The form shows up in the event body and once filled out, all entered fields can be seen on both the RSVP tab in Events and under the “View submissions” on the main Forms tab.



Adding a Waitlist to Event RSVPs

  • Check the RSVP option on the event and then check the “Enable waitlist” option that appears below it.
  • Set numbers for both maximum RSVP attendees and waitlist, and once the set number of people have registered, subsequent registrations will show the registrant that they are registering but are waitlisted and will give them a number for their waitlist order.
  • Once both maxiumum RSVP and waitlist numbers have been reached, the RSVP option will disappear from the event unless registrants are canceled on the backend.



A full list of upgrade items can be found here.

Latest Tips

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  • This year a new Special print account is being added for all Penn Law students. This account is to be used when printing for approved group and programs. All other printing remains the same, please read on for more details.