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LinkedIn Learning is an extensive online video library that covers many subjects relevant to our work. The courses are accessible from almost any computer and even iOS and Android devices.

This resource is available to all Penn faculty, staff, and students with a valid PennKey.


About LinkedIn Learning

  • Learn software from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft
  • Learn photography, video and design
  • Classes for beginners to experts
  • Learn at your own pace: Play, pause, rewind
  • Pickup where you left off, LinkedIn Learning saves your status

Log in to LinkedIn Learning

Login at with your PennKey username and password.


Linking your personal LinkedIn account is optional, but there are some advantages and considerations:

  • You’ll have the choice to share completed courses and showcase newly gained knowledge on your personal LinkedIn page. You’ll also be able to access comments, questions, and answers that other LinkedIn users post within specific courses while you’re taking the course.
  • In addition to logging in with your PennKey, you’ll need to log in with your personal LinkedIn account each time you access a LinkedIn Learning course.
  • The University of Pennsylvania will not have access to any of your personal information, and nothing will be posted to your personal LinkedIn account without your permission. For more details, please see LinkedIn Learning’s Privacy Information .
  • If you decide not to link your personal LinkedIn account at this time, you can always go back and add it later. If you do link your account, you can unlink it at any time. 

Where Should I Start?

With almost 14,000 courses/videos available, we know it can be hard to pick a place to start! Try one of the Essential Training Courses below.

Essential Training Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Remember, log in at then come back to this page and click a program below.






Log in to LinkedIn Learning on iOS or Android

The LinkedIn Learning app can be downloaded for iOS or Android and can be accessed using your PennKey. More info on Downloading and Updating LinkedIn Learning Apps.

To log in via your mobile device:

  • Open the app, tap Sign in with your organization portal.
  • Where it reads “Enter your organization’s name or domain”, tap and type in the field, and then tap the Sign in button.
  • You’ll then need to enter your PennKey and password to access LinkedIn Learning. 

Tips & Tricks

  • LinkedIn Learning remembers exactly where you left off so you can start watching a video at the office and pickup where you left off at home or the next day.
  • Bookmark Anything! Click the Bookmark Icon ( bookmark icon ) on an entire course, section, video, or timestamp to save it for later.

Getting Help


LinkedIn Learning Blog | Frequently Asked Questions | LinkedIn Learning @ Penn Guide

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