LastPass provides users with a safe and secure method of storing passwords and other private information. LastPass can be used as a desktop application, web browser extension/plugin, and mobile app.


For more information about features and how to use LastPass Premium, see the LastPassPremium at Penn documentation. 


To sign up for LastPass Premium through Penn, simply navigate to and fill out the form with your email address. Make sure to enter your email address as as shown below:


Note that when you sign up, your account will now say that you’re a Premium User, which will expire in a year. You will be able to renew your Premium membership through Penn in a year’s time.


Clean up your passwords

As you save passwords in LastPass, follow these rules:

  • Longer passwords are generally better.
  • Use capital letters, numbers, and symbols to make your passwords more complicated.
  • Follow the one account = one password rule. Do not use the same password across multiple accounts.
  • Change your PennKey password and LawKey password if they violate any of the above rules.



LastPass Guides :                                                                    You’ll Learn :

Getting Started with LastPass
  • How to save a site
  • Store secure notes
  • Generate a Password
  • Multifactor Authentication
Using LastPass on Your Mobile Device
  • How to download and install LastPass on Mobile Device?
  • Operating systems currently supported
Downloading / Installing LastPass on Computer
  • LastPass recommends appropriate installer
  • Step-by-step walk through of installation process
Changing your email
  • Change the email associated with your LastPass account
Cyber Security Challenge
  • Clean up your passwords and make them stronger


LastPass Multifactor Authentication

We recommend setting up multifactor (two-factor, two-step) authentication to add an extra layer of security to logging onto LastPass. Go here for more information about LastPass Multifactor Authentication.


To set up Multifactor Authentication:

There is a 3-step process to setting up the LastPass Authenticator. Each step is linked below and includes screenshots for easy setup.

  1. Enable the LastPass Authenticator app in your LastPass vault
  2. Enroll the LastPass Authenticator app
  3. Set up a backup authentication method for the LastPass Authenticator app


Have questions about signing up? Contact ITS at

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