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Visual Media Lab Policies

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The purpose of this Lab is to facilitate research regarding the development and production of various forms of visual legal advocacy that either advances the causes of clients or informs general or specialized audiences about the workings of the law and the legal system. If you have a project that falls within these purposes and wish to use the Lab’s equipment, please contact Professor Regina Austin at ext. 8-5185 or via email at for permission. You will be asked to show your finished product to the professor. The Lab was created with a grant from the University’s Research Facilities Development Fund.

Rules for Production Equipment

  • Permission to the editing workstations and other equipment must be granted by Regina Austin.
  • To borrow equipment, send an email to with your request.
    • You will receive an email back within 24 hours confirming or adjusting your request.
    • Your equipment will be held for you in the ITS Help Desk, T-232, to be picked up from noon-4pm on Monday-Friday.
    • When you pick up your equipment, you will complete a sign-out form. Click here to view the sign-out form.
    • You may borrow equipment for a total of 2 nights.
    • Please return all equipment to the Help Desk between noon-4pm. An attendant will be there to check the equipment in and perform a quick health check on the equipment.
  • Borrowers are responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment. If equipment is lost, your bursar bill will be charged.

Rules for Workstations

  • The workstations are for media editing only, not for other school work or activities such as email.
  • Although there are currently no strict limits on how long you can use the workstations, please respect others who may be waiting.
  • You will be given a login to the Macs based on your enrollment in the Visual Media Lab approved user list. Please contact Regina Austin regarding permission to use the lab.
  • Please save all data to your group’s folder on the Videolab$ server

Production Equipment (available for borrowing)

Prices are listed for insurance only. You will not be charged to borrow any item, unless damage occurs during your loan period.

Sony DCR-HC96 DV Camcorder with Tiffen UV filter $510
Sony HVR-A1U 1080i HDV Camcorder with Tiffen UV filter $2,810
Sony HVR-V1U 1080i HDV Camcorder with Tiffen UV filter $2,810
Sony HVR-Z1U 1080i HDV Camcorder with Tiffen UV filter $5,010
Sony HVR-Z5U 1080i HDV Camcorder with Tiffen UV filter $5,010
Sony UWP-C1/6668 lavalier microphone system $700
Audio Technica ATW T1801 lavalier microphone system $500
Audio Technica ATW T1801 DUAL lavalier microphone system $1200
Boom pole and shotgun microphone $200
15’ XLR cable $20
Sony VCT-D680RM Tripod $100
Bogen/Manfrotto 3046 fluid head tripod $700
Lowell lighting kit $500
Edirol handheld mp3 recorder, 1GB data card $100
ZOOM handheld mp3 recorder, 1GB data card $400
Mini DV tapes $8
Sony MDR7502 Headphones $50

Post-production Equipment (installed in Lab)

  • Sony HVR-M15U VTR deck
  • Mac Pro workstation (Quantity: 2)
    • Final Cut Studio: includes Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro
    • Adobe CS3 Creative Suite
    • 2 Dell 20” LCD monitors with composite video input
  • Headphones
  • Distribution amplifier for sharing headphones

Online Resources

  • Lab Site: There is a Canvas course site called “Visual Media Lab” (LAW999-998-currentsemester) facilitates communication among the Lab members.
  • Lab Email List: This is, for example

Latest Tips

  • AirPennNet-Guest Wifi will be upgraded on April 27th. Device registration will require just an email address and guests will need to renew registration daily. Penn Law faculty, staff and students should all be using AirPennNet – not AirPennNet-Guest for Wifi.
  • The Penn Law Directory is available for members of the law school community to share contact information. Here are some important reminders.