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Visual Media Lab Help

How to set up a Final Cut Pro project

1. Connect to Videolab$

Videolab$ is the network storage space for all approved Visual Media Lab projects. Click the Videolab$ logo in the dock if you are not automatically prompted to login. Use your lawkey to sign in.

2. Set your Scratch Disks

Your Scratch Disks is the default location for Final Cut Pro to save all data, including digital video that you import from tape. Scratch Disk settings are located in "system settings" in Final Cut Pro.

Click Set to set scratch disks to your group's folder in Videolab$. Data saved to the desktop or other folder is not backed-up and can be erased at any time.

3. Set video settings

Use "Easy Setup" to configure audio and video settings for your project. It is important to do this before you import and video from tape.

Select HDV-1080i60 FireWire Basic.

To import regular DV footage, a setting needs to be changed manually on the DV tape deck. Please ask [ITS Media]( to do this.

Importing Video in Final Cut Pro

  1. Select output on firewire switcher to 1 or 2, depending on which computer you are using.
  2. Set your Scratch Disks and Easy Setup in Final Cut (see above).
  3. Select Log and Capture in Final Cut Pro under File.
  4. Enter Description
  5. Press play on the DV deck, and click the capture now button in the Log and Capture window.

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