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Posting Journal Issues to your Journal Web Site

Step 1: Preparing the Files
Step 2: Uploading the Files
Step 3: Updating the Issues Page to Link to the New Files
Step 4: Notify ITS Web

Step 1: Preparing the Files

• Please make sure that all your files have the correct Article name and Author name in the metadata in the file properties (File>Properties in Acrobat). This helps with search indexing and the display of search results.

• Files must be named in the Blue Book citation format. Please rename all your files before uploading with the relevant format below:

Law Review

Example: Burbank156U.Pa.L.Rev.1439(2008).pdf

Journal of Business Law [AuthorLN][Vol#]U.Pa.J.Bus.L.[Page#]([Year]).pdf
Example: Pandya14U.Pa.J.Bus.L.867(2012).pdf
East Asia Law Review [AuthorLN][Vol#]E.AsiaL.Rev.[Page#]([Year]).pdf
Example: LeeLeeSohn6E.AsiaL.Rev.111(2011).pdf
Journal of Constitutional Law [AuthorLN][Vol#]U.Pa.J.Const.L.[Page#]([Year]).pdf
Example: Tetlow14U.Pa.J.Const.L.1117(2012).pdf
Journal of International Law [AuthorLN][Vol#]U.Pa.J.Int'lL.[Page#]([Year]).pdf
Example: Benoliel33U.Pa.J.Int'lL.615(2011).pdf
Journal of Law & Social Change [AuthorLN][Vol#]U.Pa.J.L.&Soc.Change[Page#]([Year]).pdf
Example: Gullen15U.Pa.J.L.&Soc.Change251(2012).pdf

Step 2: Uploading the Files

• After logging in, click on Manage Content

• Click the Files link in the top right corner to access your files library.


• You may add files individually (Add a new file) or in bulk (Bulk add files)


Single File Upload

• Please make sure all necessary details are filled in (file name, Live status, file tag and upload).

• Please tag files with the correct volume and issue. We have added tags to indicate each unique volume/issue. This will help you locate files on the backend. For example, apply the tag Vol14issue1 for Volume 14, Issue 1. You can then filter the files in the backend by this tag.


Bulk File Upload

• For bulk uploads, multiple files can be selected at once from the file browser window


• Changes can be made to the file names once uploaded. (Note: Tagging is a little more complex with bulk uploads, so individual file uploads are recommended)


Step 3: Updating the Issues Page to Link to the New Files

• Click on the Pages tab and then select File Browser


• There is a web page for each volume of your journal. Locate the volume page (the format is issuesVol[X].php) and click View page to edit.


• Once you're on the relevant page, click on Edit Page in the top left corner, clicking in the body of the content will activate the edit toolbar.


• If you are adding an issue to a new volume page, you will see the blank template.


• The areas you will usually need to edit are: Volume number, Issue number, Publication name (if it has changed from the last volume/issue), Article Name and link, page number and Author Name.


• You will need to link each article name to the PDF that you uploaded. To add a link, highlight the entire link (for example: Article Name in the figure above) and click on the chainlink icon.


• Clicking on the chainlink icon will open the link manager, where you will choose the Link to one of your files dropdown option on the top left corner.


• Clicking on Choose a file will open a list of all your uploaded files. If there are more than 50 files in your file library and you can't see it in the latest files view, start typing the name of the file and it will show up. Select the file you wish to link and click on Use this item.


• If you need to add/delete/edit any rows, right-clicking within that row will bring up the row options. You may copy/paste/insert blank rows or delete extra rows.


• When you are done making all the changes, click on Save and publish on the top right corner of the page.


• If you are adding an issue to an existing volume page, please select the latest issue on the page (hold your mouse button down and move your mouse till the whole section from the heading to the last article line has been selected) and once all of it is highlighted, right-click and click Copy. Move your cursor to a space above the issue, click to un-highlight your selection, right-click and click Paste. The whole format should be added as a copy for you to edit with your new information. Follow the steps below to edit your newly pasted section.

Step 4: Notify ITS Web

Please send an email to once you add a new issue to your site. Just let us know the journal name/volume/issue. We will make sure all of the new articles are formatted correctly and indexed by the search engine. We will also link to your new issue from your main issues page.

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