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Home PC Health Checks

ITS conducts regular maintenance on computers purchased through the Law School for home use. These checks help to ensure that your computer is in good working order and stays free of viruses.

Maintenance Performed

ITS will:

  • Ensure working virus protection
  • Apply software updates
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Adobe Flash
    • Java
    • Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection
    • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Windows – includes all operating system updates.
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Web browsers to current Law School versions
      • Internet Explorer 11
      • Firefox 35
    • Adjust computer settings for optimal performance
    • Remove unneeded temporary files

    Scheduling Maintenance

    • Maintenance is performed at least once a year.
    • ITS will contact you to schedule your yearly maintenance.
    • We ask that you bring in your PC before noon on the scheduled day to ensure that we can return it by 5pm that day.


    • If you have questions about the home maintenance or would like to suggest a time to bring in your computer for maintenance, please email



Latest Tips

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