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How to Update Your Faculty Profile

Faculty members can update their profile via the LiveWhale CMS Directory.


Accessing the Update Tool 

To update your faculty profile, login to the LiveWhale CMS with your PennKey via:

After logging in, open the dropdown menu with your name in the top right of the screen and click on the Edit My Public Profile link.

Edit public profile



Example Profile

Curriculum Vitae 

Your Curriculum Vitae or “CV” is attached to your profile as a PDF file. If you don’t already have a CV uploaded, click on the Add a file link under the Curriculum Vitae section. 

Add a file

Click on the Upload file button and select your CV .pdf file. Make sure you click Save this file after it has been uploaded.

Upload a file

If you would like to replace your CV, click the X icon next to your current CV and then click Add a file and follow the previous steps to add an updated CV file.

delete CV


Profile Image

Please note: Your default profile image should be ideally at least 1000px * 1000px for optimum display at various sizes on the responsive profile pages.

You can update your default profile image by clicking on the thumbnail to the left of your name (if there is an existing image already, please remove it first by clicking on the gear icon and selecting remove thumbnail, or your new image might not show up).

Profile image


On the window that pops up, select upload image to upload an image from your personal files to the profile page. Add your name in the text area to the right of the image preview so that the image has correct alt text for accessibility purposes.

If you would like your default shared profile image updated throughout the site, please email us at and we will update it for you.

profile photo upload


Edit your biography by editing Description section of the profile.

Bio section

Research Repository Links

You can add/update your BePress (Scholarship repository) papers link and your SSRN profile link on this section. The links will show up below your profile image on your faculty page. If you do not want them to show up, you can delete them.

The scholarship repository link will also act as the link for More Publications above your Featured Research items.

scholarship repository ssrn profile


Courses Taught

Add or edit which courses you teach.

NOTE: You must use “|” symbol to separate each course or they will not appear correctly in your profile.

Courses Taught

Areas of Focus/Expertise 

You will see a long list of possible expertise areas. Select all that are applicable from the list by clicking on the associated checkbox.

Areas of focus


You can add up to four degrees to your faculty profile.  



You can add up to six Featured Research Titles and four Working Papers.  Add/edit the titles in the large text field and then add a URL in the field below.

Research title

Working paper

Social Media Links 

Make your Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn pages accessible from your profile by copy/pasting the URLs into the Social Media fields.

Social Media Links

Related Links 

If there are any external links (your blogs or other related pages) that you would want to include with your faculty profile, enter them into the form along with a link name. 

Related links


Click Save this profile after all changes have been made.

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