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Please read this page thoroughly if you are scheduled for an Examplify exam. (For takeaway exams, see our Takeaway Exams Guide).

New for Spring ’22

NEW FOR SPRING ’22: Examplify Exams may be in-class or remote depending on your instructor.

  • All Examplify exams (in-class and remote) are scheduled by the Registrar’s office and are set to begin/end at a particular time.
  • If you are scheduled for a remote Examplify exam, it is required that you complete a mock exam and review all remote Examplify procedures prior to the exam start.
  • Please note that in-class Examplify exams must be taken in person at the Law School as a standard in-class exam - there is not a remote option for these exams. 

Required Laptop Specifications

You must use a laptop that meets or exceeds these specifications: View Minimum System Requirements.


Prepare Your Laptop

All students taking an Examplify exam must install Examplify on their laptop in advance of their exam. ** Please follow our detailed instructions. **

These instructions will walk you through how to install Examplify as well as how to download, take, and submit your exams. If you are taking a remote Examplify exam, be sure to pay extra attention to the section “Special instructions for Remote Examplify Exams”. Please also review Examplify Best Practices before taking your exams.

Practice Taking a Mock Exam

Practice the exam-taking procedure a few times to become comfortable with the process and to ensure that Examplify functions properly on your laptop. All students who are scheduled for a remote Examplify exam must complete a mock exam prior to their scheduled exam.


See also: Examplify Quick Start Guide .

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