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Event Planning & Room Reservation Overview

The workflow for requesting rooms has changed so please review the updated instructions below.

The Penn Carey Law Event Planning & Room Reservations system ( allows faculty and staff to submit room reservation requests for events held at Penn Carey Law. In addition, they can request support/services for their event including technology, room set-up, and event needs. The reservation system runs on the EMS software platform. Please email with any further questions.


Please refer to the event planning guide on the Student Affairs site for reservationsStudent Group Event Planning


Reservation Structure

Events are comprised of three main components that exist in an hierarchy. Reservations are made up of one more bookings, and each booking has a number of booking services.

  • Reservations: The who (contact) and the what (event name) of the event
  • Bookings: The where (location) and when of the event. (1+ per reservation)
  • Booking Services: Technology, room setup, etc… (0+ per booking)

IMPORTANT: When requesting a room/services, please keep in mind that reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. 

Create a Reservation

Request a Room

Login to the Room Reservation system at

  1. Go to Create a Reservation and click on Book Now beside the Request a Room/Services title.
  2. Enter the date and time of your event.
    Please enter the actual start and end time for your event as the system will automatically add set-up and tear-down time (Most rooms: 10 mins; The Great Hall, the Goat, & the Clock: 2 hours; Levy: 3 hours).

Schedule a Recurring Reservation

If you need to schedule a recurring reservation, click the Recurrence button when searching for a room. Recurring Reservations require you to enter the following information.

  • Time: Both a start and end time
  • Recurrence Pattern: How often the reservation is to recur (daily/weekly/monthly/random).
  • Range of Recurrence: A start date and an end date or absolute number of recurrences.

Click the Apply Recurrence button to apply your choices.


Select the Placeholder Room 

Starting in January 2022, requestors will only see the option for a Placeholder Room. 

  1. Please select the Placeholder Room by clicking on the green plus sign.
  2. Click Next Step to input Reservation Details.

EMS Request Form


Set Reservation Details

Enter in your event name, type, and group details.

Please be sure to provide a secondary contact if available in the *Group Details section.

  • Students: Select your group, set Contact to (temporary contact), and enter your contact information.
  • Faculty/Staff: Select your department and name from the group and contact lists.


Complete the required questions under Additional Information. This information will be used by the facilities team to assign a room for your event based on availability and best fit. Please note: for any A/V or technology needs, you will need to “Add Services” after your room has already been confirmed, the Additional Information section is for facilities intake only.

EMS Additional Info

Submit Your Reservation

When finished, click the “Create Reservation” button at the top or bottom of the form.

A copy of the reservation request will be emailed to the requester (user who is logged in.)


Room Confirmation & Updating your Event Details

Once your request has been reviewed by the facilities team, they will assign a room and send an email confirmation.

If you require any services (technology, equipment, etc.) for your event, it is very important that you login to after you have received your confirmation and room assignment and request them.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login with your Lawkey
  3. Click My Events.
  4. Click on the Event Name to view the Reservation Details tab.
    my events

Reservation Details and Adding Services

Selecting a reservation will display the Reservation Details page. From here, you can choose from the links on the right to make changes to your reservation or the Bookings list at the bottom to update individual bookings.

Update Your Reservation

  • Edit Reservation Details: Edit the details and contact for your reservation.
  • Add Services: This includes adding any A/V needs, recording, technology, microphones and any other equipment to your booking.
  •  If you added A/V needs before your room was confirmed, it will not be processed. 

Add, Update, or Cancel Services

After clicking the Add Services link, a list of available services and questions will appear in a left-hand column.

  1. Update a Service: If you have existing services, use the Pencil icon to its right to edit.
  2. Remove a Service: If the service you selected has already been added, click the Red Minus sign to remove it.
  3. Adding Services: Click on a service in the left-hand column to add a new service. 
    • NOTE: You can only select services in one category at a time. Once you select a services in a category, e.g. “Set-up,” the other categories will be greyed out. You can return to them later. 
    • select service
    • Enter a number, if applicable, and Special Instructions. Then click “OK.”
      • servicedetails
    • Click “Next Step” When you are finished with services in particular category.
      • next step
    • Click the check-box next to the name of your event. Then click “Add Services.”
      • check res - add services
  4. Repeat steps above to add more services in other categories.

Update Your Bookings

  1. Cancel Booking: Click the Cancel Booking button to cancel a booking.
  2. Edit Booking: Click the Pencil icon beside the booking name to change the time or location of a booking (see the Create a Reservation guide for a step-by-step refresher).
  3. Modify Services: Click the Manage Services button to add, update, or cancel services (see below).

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