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Manage Your Existing Reservations

View Your Existing Reservations

You can view the status of your existing reservations through EMS at

  1. Click Reservations and then choose View My Requests.
  2. Click on the Event Name to view the Reservation Details tab.

View Reservations

Reservation Details

Selecting a reservation will display the Reservation Details page. From here, you can choose from the links on the right to make changes to your reservation or the Bookings list at the bottom to update individual bookings.

Update Your Reservation

  • Edit Reservation: Edit the details and contact for your reservation.
  • Add Booking: Add a booking to your reservation. Visit the Create a Reservation for a step-by-step refresher on adding bookings.

Update Reservation

Update Your Bookings

  1. Cancel Booking: Click the Cancel Booking button to cancel a booking.
  2. Edit Booking: Click the Edit Booking button to change the time or location of a booking (see the Create a Reservation guide for a step-by-step refresher).
  3. Modify Services: Click the Services button to add, update, or cancel services (see below).

Update Booking

Add, Update, or Cancel Services

After clicking the Services button (green plus sign), a list of available services and questions will appear in a left-hand column.

  1. Adding a Service: Click on a service in the left-hand column to add a new service.
  2. Update a Service: If you have existing services, use the Add Service (green plus icon) or Edit Service button (pencil icon) that appears on the right-hand side.
  3. Remove a Service: If the service you selected has already been added, click the Cancel Service to remove it.

Update Services


More information: Creating a New Reservation

Latest Tips

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