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Searching Outlook


1. Does Link Preview only work for URLs in Webmail, or will it also work for hyperlinks?

Link Preview will not work for hyperlinks. It’s only available to URLs in Webmail.


2. Why can’t I add a hyperlink when replying to an email in the Outlook quick view window?

You must “pop out” a separate window for the email reply to see the hyperlink option (hyperlinking is not available in reading pane). Also, make sure the email is formatted as html and not as plain text. To make sure the email is formatted as html, navigate to “Format Text” in the “popped out” email window. “HTML” should be selected in the upper-left corner of the screen.


3. How do you search all inboxes (including the archive)?

When performing a search, select All Mailboxes from the dropdown menu to the right of the search box.


4. Why are the emails in my Drafts folder on the Outlook mobile app not the same as emails in my Drafts folder on Outlook?

Currently draft folder syncing isn’t supported in Outlook for Android and iOS. You may be able to find drafts in your Outlook app by searching for them in your inbox, but these drafts won’t reside in the Drafts folder.


5. Is there a way to schedule recurring emails (for example, send an email once a week)?

Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t provide a way to schedule recurring email messages.


6. How do I automatically empty the Deleted Items folder?

Please follow the steps described in this Office support guide.


7. How do I search for an email sent from someone that contains a word?

In the search box in Outlook, type in “ +word” 

Check out more documentation about searching Outlook for further detail.

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