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FindTime is an Outlook add-in for scheduling meetings. The organizer can send multiple time options through FindTime and minimize the back and forth emails in scheduling.

Create a FindTime poll

  • Click on Reply with Meeting Poll (in a reply to an email) or New Meeting Poll (in a new message window)
    findtime reply with meeting poll findtime new meeting poll
  • Select meeting time slot lengths and as many separate slots as desired for the recipients based on everyone’s calendar settings.
    If there are external (non-law) users in the list, you will not see calendar availability for them but you will still be able to select desired times to add in the poll
    findtime select times
  • Add a location and check all poll settings

    Set Schedule when attendees reach consensus to Off if you would prefer to manually choose which time slot works best if there are multiple availabilities
    Set Hold selected times on my calendar to Off if you don’t want potential times on hold on your own calendar
    findtime options
  • Once times have been selected, Click on Add to email and set up the email that will go out to all recipients for the poll. The FindTime poll link will be automatically added in the body
    findtime email
  • Click Send and the poll links will be delivered to all recipients.

After sending the poll

  • When the users click on the poll link on their end, they will be able to click on their own name to confirm their choices. They can be internal (law) or external (non-law) users, they do not need Microsoft accounts or law school accounts to fill out a FindTime poll findtime select account page
  • Once the meeting has been scheduled (manually or automatically, based on poll settings), the recipients on the email will get an event invite. This will be a normal Outlook invite for all law users, but external users (such as on Gmail) will see it as an event invite as well and be able to add it on their own calendars based on their personal email server settings
    findtime scheduled meeting email on gmail

FindTime organizer dashboard

  • Access the FindTime dashboard to view all open, completed, canceled and expired FindTime polls: Findtime scheduling poll dashboard
  • You can change default settings for all future polls on here by clicking on Default Poll Settings
    findtime scheduling settings defaults


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